View Full Version : Useful "work arounds"

10-24-11, 11:44 AM

I am new...

I thought I would add my "tricks" for helping me navigate my day to day life.

I choose NOT to take medication and instead try to do more natural things including Yoga and meditation.. but because I probably Don't take medication things are a bit harder to balance.

I am currently in the process of a MAJOR life transition with the GOAL of living a more simple "homesteading" life... this is definatly taxing my ability to manage my day to day life...

But I have a few things that DO help keep my sanity somewhat.

I put my keys on a Carbiner and I hook it to the handle or loop of my purse(or keep the hook on my purse). Yes, you have to get into the habit of putting them on there HOWEVER..
You will always know where they are,
they won't get lost in the black hole of your purse
You have a place to hang them other than in your hand (you can also hang off a beltloop etc)

I have gotten into the habit of hanging my keys there and if they are NOT there.. then we have a problem. I tend to "freak out" when I misplace something and will check 20 times to make sure I have it.. (while driving down the road).

So that is my tip for the day.... Hope it helps others.