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10-25-11, 11:25 AM
I've had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember, from elementary school, through high school and into my adult life. My sleep improved a lot when I started taking my sleep hygiene seriously, but I still had a lot of trouble. I tried OTC sleep aids, which I hate and absolutely refuse to take. I tried chamomile, valerian root, melatonin, and 5-HTP, with some decent success; however, sleeping was still iffy.

Last night, I purchased a new supplement that helped me immensely: chelated magnesium glycinate. Even with the aftereffects of my Adderall, I felt completely and totally relaxed at the recommended dose. I was comfortable in almost any position, and it even calmed the racing mind that normally surfaces when my Adderall wears off. My muscles weren't tense. I almost felt like I hadn't taken any Adderall that day. Though it didn't knock me out, I was able to be content just lying in bed, relaxed, slowly drifting away. That's a feeling I haven't experienced since starting on my meds.

To anyone who has sleep or anxiety problems, I highly recommend trying a magnesium supplement that has high bioavailability. After how I felt last night, I am almost certain that this supplement, in combination with melatonin, would have nearly eliminated my sleeping problems if I weren't on ADHD medication.

10-25-11, 01:51 PM
I bet you're excited to make this discovery!

I'm terrible about remembering to take anything besides my ADD meds regularly. I've taken magnesium supplements off and on but go for long stretches when I forget. I didn't take them for sleep problems but I think they were effective for other things.

10-25-11, 01:53 PM
I've read that magnesium deficiency is related to quite a few different things. It's seems to be right up there with Vitamin D deficiency.

What's the difference between the supplement you are using and a regular magnesium supplement?

10-25-11, 06:19 PM
An old forum post, probably from this site, set me in the right direction. Someone mentioned using chelated magnesium glycinate to help make his life with medication a bit more tolerable. I did my own research, and it turned out to be a pretty good choice.

The most common magnesium supplements contain an inorganic salt, and their bioavailability isn't particularly high. I've read that magnesium carbonate may have a bioavailability as high as 30%, but that seems like it might be the high end for inorganic magnesium. Ironically, the form most commonly found in magnesium supplements is also the least effective. Magnesium oxide, which I found listed on a friend's multivitamin bottle, is frequently mentioned having a bioavailability as low as 4%. That means if I take 500mg magnesium oxide, my body may only be able to use 20mg.

The chelates are organic compounds, and their bioavailability is much, much higher. I believe I read that chelated magnesium glycinate has a bioavailability of around 80%, meaning that my body should take 400mg out of a 500mg magnesium supplement. The downside is that turning them into an organic compound means significantly less of the pill, by weight, is actual magnesium. 500mg of magnesium oxide, for example, may be 1/3 the size of 500mg of chelated magnesium glycinate. If you don't like big pills, that can be a problem, but I think that absorbing twenty times as much magnesium is worth it, personally.

The inorganic salts are cheaper and smaller, so I suppose it's possible to just take a whole lot more of something like magnesium oxide; however, I don't like the idea of pushing massive amounts of metal through my body, knowing that the majority of it can't be used. Also, I'm not too sure how reliable the bioavailability stats I've read are, and I have no idea what metabolic processes or other circumstances can affect actual bioavailability. I don't feel comfortable taking 12,500mg of magnesium oxide, hoping to absorb only 500mg. If my information is off by even a few percent, or if conditions in my digestive system somehow provide even a minor boost to absorption, the result could be traumatic or even dangerous. With the chelates, bioavailability is already so close to 100% that there's no danger of absorbing much more than expected. Besides, I feel better about having an organic amino acid attached to the magnesium than more inorganic compounds.

I like this particular chelate because of the amino acid attached to the magnesium: glycine. I read something about the amino acids detaching from the magnesium in your body and doing their own thing, and to me, glycine seems like a winner. At least one study has shown that taking rather large (3000mg) amounts of glycine improves sleep onset and quality, both subjectively and according to polysomnographs, without modifying sleep architecture. If only 18% of the supplemental weight is magnesium, it's possible that for every 750mg magnesium in magnesium glycinate, I may be getting up to 3000mg glycine. That same study also showed reduced sleepiness and improved performance on memory recognition tasks the day after the snooze. I don't know how reliable any of this information is, but it's all I really have to go on. Chelated magnesium glycinate seemed like the perfect choice for me.

10-29-11, 04:07 PM
Thanks for the info. A twitchy lower eyelid and some googlitis let me to suspect that I am lacking magnesium. Lately my inattention has been way out of hand, I can't even focus on stuff that interests me. Also I have had lifelong troubles with sleep.

Will pick up some chelated magnesium glycinate today

thanks again

10-30-11, 03:03 AM
cool i will try that!

what is your dose for sleeping?

10-31-11, 12:51 AM
I've been taking 400mg 30-60 minutes before bed, and 100mg in the afternoon; however, you should probably do some research for yourself. My choices are based on reading a lot of conflicting information, and I'm not educated enough to know what's best. I do know that it's possible to overdose on it, and I've read that taking it at night can make it harder to sleep, though that hasn't been my experience.

Just sayin... it's been an awesome supplement so far. I feel calmer on the meds even during the day after starting this.