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10-26-11, 07:25 PM
If this program doesn't exist..I think you'd make a lot of reporters happy if it did. Here's my idea. If something like this exists I don't know where it does online. Please forward to anyone willing to collaborate or can do this. Thanks! If you have any questions let me know I'd be more than happy to explain :)

I'd really love it if something like this existed: Program or alternative for organizing types of web sites into many sub categories and downloads off-line copies. If it could somehow incorporate updated rss feeds or at least have at the top date stored on computer to indicate potential outdated information.

1) Story ideas with resources to web sites that inspired such ideas filed down by any affiliated: government document, ngo, expert, news article, photo, video, audio file clip, music file.

Take this one broad topic for example that has many sub-categories.

a) immigration
1a) country
a) current legislation and law.
- Crazy or colourful quotes..from politician or activist reflecting on said legislation/law.
b) scholars on Chile's current immigration laws and how it affects Chileans and immigrants.
c) any outside factors such as resistance movements or current state of Chile's economy.
-resistance group one: video, photo, their web site with contact information, any news coverage on them.
-news on Chile's economy.
-government documents on unemployment rates, budget cuts etc.
d) NGOs/lobbyists influence on state and immigrants.
b) migrant workers
1a) country
c) political asylees
1a) country

As an example....see how messy it can get? I am a journalist and I am interested in doing interactive media for web: print and photo and incorporate sound. My topics of interest are immigration and foreign policy interests in natural resources.

Right now however, I have either, about 30 tabs open programmed to open every time I reboot the computer; or bookmarked web sites unorganized. The trouble is, some of these have 3 or more sub categories but it's essential to file them down because, as with politics, it gets messy..and I am a messy in general. I still need to get a filing cabinet for news articles and government documents I've saved for story sources or future story ideas.

I do not have a smart phone anymore. It was making my ADD worse. So..anything available out there because I couldn't find anything. It'd be nice to be able to just search certain key words and have it pulled up instantly and maybe have offline copies downloaded in case I can't get online and ability to back up data to an online server. Yeah I know, this is quite a loaded request for the last two components but hey...COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS, IF THIS DOESN'T EXIST..PLEASE MAKE THIS. I think you'd make a lot of reporters happy. Especially ones like me ;)