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10-27-11, 10:56 AM
I am looking to change my meds. I was originally on Ritalin LA which help a lot but there where way to many ups and downs now I am on vyvanse twice a day 20mg. The second to stop the crash I was getting in the afternoon. But it doesn't seem to be as effective as the ritalin when it was working. So I just would like to know If anyone had any good experiences or possibly any bad ones. And does daytrana have ups and downs or is it consistent? How long does it keep working after you take it of? Stuff like that.

10-27-11, 01:33 PM
This isn't about daytrana but what about dexedrine or adderall? Same family as Vyvanse.

10-27-11, 02:30 PM
This isn't about daytrana but what about dexedrine or adderall? Same family as Vyvanse.

I haven't tried dexedrine but I have tried adderall but it was probably about 10 years a go so I can't really remember if it was effective my pediatrician at the time stopped prescribing to all his patients. But Ritalin has been the most effective so far but has had the most side effects. Nausea, anxiety, and the crash from it wasn't very pleasant but only lasted about 45min. Vyvanse I don't usually crash from but sometimes after it wears of I will get "brain fog" which really sucks. Only happened a couple of times I think it has something to do with when I drink to much coffee the day before.

10-27-11, 03:39 PM
I've heard mixed reviews on Daytrana. I haven't heard much from adults using it. Mainly children. I believe that it's only FDA approved for use for children and adolescents (meaning that the manufacturer didn't perform and submit clinical trial results to FDA with it's NDA). However, adults do use it as well.

You may have already seen these, but I'll put them here just in case....

This is recent:

And an older one aimed at adults:

11-10-11, 02:28 AM
I ate a Daytranna patch once. I'm joking... but not really.

I actually did eat one, years ago, sort of by accident. Someone told me it was Fentanyl, and would give me the best high ever. I guess all the cool kids were doing it (I was a bit reckless and eager to please in those days).

I felt really nauseous and jittery for 30 minutes, then I fell asleep.

They might work if you wear them. I wouldn't reccomed eating them. I wouldn't recommend eating fentanyl either, actually.

Eat pumpkin pie, not drugs. Nancy Regan should have said that instead. I don't like to be told no.

11-16-11, 03:11 PM
I've used Daytrana before. The patch works but it isn't perfect. There are zero ups and downs. It takes about an hour before you start to feel anything at all but once it starts working it keeps getting stronger as the day goes on. Each patch will work for up to 24 hours before it fizzles out. Once you remove the patch it takes a few hours for the methylphenidate levels in your body to drop off. I had a few occasions where I forgot to take it off until 11pm or so which screwed up my sleeping schedule.

Some people can't handle the skin irritation caused by the patch. When you pull that sucker off you will have a bright red rectangle on your skin for several hours. Never bothered me much. Also, the patch seems to pump a high level of L-methylphenidate (dirty form of methylphenidate) into your body so you may feel more of the bad side-effects like heart fluttering, physically side-effect type stuff. You get used to it after a few days. They can also be a major b*tch to peel from the backing when trying to put one on. I've found that putting the patch in the refrig for about 10 minutes makes peeling it off 100x easier.