View Full Version : Google Calendar will Text Message you Reminders! (Read)

10-31-11, 08:19 PM
Hey Guys! I have a cool tip on how to help stay organized!

Google Calendar- You can have it Text message & email you reminders!
You can even have it do both simultaneously etc..

So you create a gmail account if you haven't already. Which is just & create an account.

Then log in, at the top right- click that gear thing, go to account settings.

Then to Calendar, once you're at calendar, click that gear at the top right again. And click Calendar settings.

From there, just put your phone number etc.. Fill out the bubbles.
For Text messaging it's called "SMS" So when it asks you how you want to be reminded, you can choose Email, SMS, Pop ups.

And you can add like as many reminders as you want. i.e. You can choose to be reminded 10 minutes before "the Task" Via email, Text message & a pop up.

And you can add even more if you'd like, like a reminder 1 hour before, then 30 minutes before, 10 minutes before etc.. Just like how we do with our alarm clocks haha. If you have to wake up at 8AM, Set up that alarm at 7AM, and every 10 minutes after that. haha.

And it is a pretty darn cool Calendar, you can schedule all your upcoming things. Or just do it daily as little reminders etc..

For now, I use it daily just to remind me of certain things like- "Call this guy back"
Or.. "Pay this bill" etc.. or "Buy Water on the way home, cause we're all out." stuff like that..

The calendar on my phone is so/so.. cause it'll just pop up as a reminder, and I can clear it easily & then I won't see it anymore. But since I always see my present text messages. I go there often to text my Girlfriend. It's like right in my face.

So yeah man, that's a cool tool- And the person that told me about it said she also uses an app called Calgoo, which syncs with Google's Calander. Any smart phone can get it iPhone, iPad, Android, whatever.. I didn't get it yet, just tryin this out first..

But yeah dude- That's gotta be the best reminder system I know of so far.

Cause I make a to-do list everyday! But I don't always go back to that list & look at it every 30 minutes to make sure I'm taking care of all the things that are on there. I'll do like the first half of that list, then like the day will get late- & I'll stop looking at it eventually cause I know it's late now, and I have to get home & get ready for bed. And I guess I just automatically assume I'll do the rest of that stuff tomorrow.

But a lot of times, there are things on that list that can not wait!
The must be taken care of today! Which is where that Text message reminder comes in.

Things like- Pay my Credit card! It's Due today! Buy Water or Groceries on the way home, cause we're all out of certain things. Or Call this person back, cause I promised them I would. Or Email this person cause I promised I would. etc..

Alright guys take care.