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09-27-04, 11:21 PM
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So don't even think of touching my poems!
Rise or fall?

Tremble all ye Cowards in fear,
For the day of your death is drawing near.
No need to cry, so save your tears,
You knew eventually this day would come despite your many fears.

Will your soul perish in the flames, or will you be saved?
We will all be judged for our whole lives and of how we have behaved.
Happy is the soul who soars to the sun,
You were blessed by holy waters of faith and your sins will be undone.
Damned is the soul when mother earth opens her mighty shell,
Demons will come to damn you to hell.

For the happy souls who live in his name,
You may leave this earth untainted by shame.
You have lived life with goodness in your heart.
Truly you are blessed right from the start.
God has welcomed you into his kingdom,
Heaven is yours to enjoy eternal serenity and freedom.

For those who have surrendered to Satan's Touch,
Prepare to meet him, for you love him so much.
Turning from God, it is the devil you trust.
You have caused the innocents pain and death for power is your lust.
Destroying your soul by giving into the Devil's Sin,
But your MASTER laughs now let the burning begin!

This tale I tell, I was taught to be so,
Whether tis true, only in death will I know.
We are all pawns in the battle of good vs evil,
One false move, and our souls know No retrival.
When I feel myself filled with hate,
But I remember I was blessed with strength to save my fate.
Spending my time trying to make sense of it all,
From what I was taught it's up to you if you rise or fall.

09-27-04, 11:25 PM
In Memory Of The Lost, Lonely, and Brave( Warning, May upset some)


I shall never forget that fateful day,
When Families had lost their Husband and Wives,
To mad men who robbed Innocent People of their lives.
Causing the world shock and dismay.

I have not lost Family on the 9/11 date,
But this I can share.
In my Mind, I put myself there,
I tasted the fear and I shared the same fate

To the innocent lives who shared a senseless death,
I would gladly had been there to take your place,
So that your family could have joy in seeing your face.
Still, I was with you to take that final breath.

To the families who cry in vein,
Your Pain is greather than no other,
Without warning we lost a sister or brother.
My heart goes out to you, for we all share your pain.

To You the Brave who would not give up the fight,
The Survivors owe their lives to your determination,
Alive or Gone you make me proud to be of this nation.
In my heart I was with you to struggle through the night.

The worst has past but through it all,
Still we shed our tears,
I know I shall cry more for many years.
They meant to hurt us but we shall never truly fall.

The devil's beast plauge this earth like cancer,
The nation they meant to destroy,
Will never surrender to be the devil's toy
But it's to God they will have to answer.

09-27-04, 11:26 PM
Sending My Love Long Distance


When I found the internet, everything was brand new.
I knew to prepare for many things
The entire world come together on a cybernetic box.
Still, one thing remained the same.
It seemed the guys only wanted quick flings,
Their routine and lines were as usual...LAME
"Show me your's and I'll show you mine."
What were they hoping for? A cybernetic 69?

Just when I thought these fools were all I would find
I was not prepared for a ray of light,
No, I was not prepared for you.
You are the only one I know who treats me kind.
I am grateful that I met a man and not a boy,
Who see's me as a woman and not a toy.
To a woman that's rare,
That the blessing that is you, is the answer to a prayer.

Alas, be it my luck,
There would the irony that is quite mean.
We live in different states..MAN DOES THIS SUCK!

Still, I want you to know that I love you, very much.
My dearest friend, even tough we are miles apart,
The distance between us is long,
You are more to me than words on a screen,
I do not need to feel your hands to know
It is my heart you touch.
I know the bond we have is strong.
So You remain close to me in my heart.

Please, do not fear my words of devotion,
It is sad truth could be so cruel,
I can not help but express my emotion.
My heart feels strong, but my head is no fool.

This is God's love story, so he writes the play.
I leave it in his capable hands,
Whether we are destined for friendship rings or wedding bands.
Buddies or Lovers, your friend or your wife,
I am happy to have you in my life.
When I think of you, I shall smile either way.
Even if friendship is to be our only fate,
The Prince saved his princess before too late.

09-27-04, 11:29 PM
Light In the Darkness


So Tired am I seeing only dark of man
Blinded by misery not being able to see
That there is still beauty in life away from all this pity.
The sun rising above mountain plains,
The Moon Shining so bright
You can see the moon
Again in the Waters in the night.

Like the waves crashing on the shore,
Two lovers coming together in a passionate embrace.
Like the water floating back into the sea.
Two Lovers become as one.
The waters and sand are a part of the oceans,
Just as two hearts and souls are connected in true love.

All the wonders and beauty of this earth
Untouched by man and Natural as God has made.
Beauty is all around us
and through there shines the light

09-27-04, 11:30 PM
For the Working Man


I work all day to survive
Busting my butt to stay alive,
But You Boss man You Strick me as funny,
You main purpose in life is to make money.
I break my back and work up a sweat,
But you have not lifted a finger yet!

Boss I am not your slave...
So dont tell me how to behave...
It obvious you have no class
so take this job and kiss my ***!!!!!

09-27-04, 11:30 PM
Be Not Afraid(revised)


Be not Afraid, My dear,
For your tears makes it difficult to leave here.
Please, My Darling, do not cry,
Just Kiss me once more before I die.

Although it seams that I am not here,
I am always with you, so please do not shed a tear.
The tender moments we shared I shall miss,
but with every sunrise, I shall still greet you with a kiss.
I can never leave you, my love.
What good is heaven without my sweet dove.

I always knew that we were meant to be,
I thank God that he had sent you to me.
I was blessed to have you as my wife,
You have brought me joy all the days of my life.
Remember me always and the love we shared,
My life has been happy just knowing you cared.

Be not afraid my dear, I will watch over you,
And still my love will shine through.
I have held out for long enough, Alas oh how I tried,
But we shall be together again on the other side.

09-27-04, 11:32 PM
Who is Right?
Who is wrong?
Who is Ill?
Who is sane?
I was born into this world a dragon, I can not be tamed,
Fools shudder in fear when I come into view,
Thinking I mean to do them harm, but that is not true.
I am the one who is cast out in shame.

I never asked to be born a beast.
We can not help who we are,
I want only to live my life as intendended,
But the villager's go too far,
If they mean to tame me, it is their mind that needs to be mended.
For I can not change nor would I in the least.

My heart breaks in my breast
When I hear the same song,
"We have rules here, and we can not accept your way."
Just because I am not like them, doesn't mean I am wrong!

Like the teacher who can not handle a problem child,
Because they fidget or act too wild,
They will dismiss me and think of me no more.
Oh Geeze, what a surprise, it's not like they haven't before.
Oh, I think that is best.

Silly fools do not realize how easy I can release my fury.
The Idea does seem delicious,
but they would expect me to be so vicious,
Seeing as how I am a menace to them,
Let them have their way,
but I shall not leave before I have had my say
I know my words would still fall on deaf ears,
How can I plead my case,
when Society is both Judge and Jury?

To those of you would rather live in the dark than see....
Why not leave it at this,
We agree to disagree,
So for the love of God spare me your tears,
Let me live my life in my own way,
that would surely give me bliss!

09-27-04, 11:36 PM
Through the Eyes of a Suicide

Before this tale of woe is to begin,
They say to take your life is a sin.
You shall burn in the fires of hell,
Oh yes, through out our lives they reminded us well.
To the teachers who have embedded this into our brain,
"Do you really know what lies beyond the plain?"

David, not yet a man, just a teenage boy,
Who has lived most of his life without knowing joy.
He sits in the darkness of his room,
Just staring at the stars and the moon.
He can no longer endure the memories of his past,
"Dear, Lord, how much longer will this last?"

The inside of his mind has become a stage,
With memories of abandonment and rage.
David's stepfather was both judge and jury,
He would rule with fear and fist of fury.
Mommy always took her husband's side,
"Where am I to go with no place to hide."

When the time came his father passed away,
His Mother's love slowly drift astray,
Now feeling alone, she gave into the drink,
David once wanted her love, but now began to rethink.
It wouldn't take long for the contempt for his mother grew,
"I would rather have dad alive, that grave was meant for you."

Inside his heart he built a stone wall,
Until he saw Amanda, who's smile made the stones fall.
He never knew of such emotion,
He vowed to her true devotion.
Alas, the happiness would end when she traded his love for another,
"Last I heard, she is to be a mother."

As years went by, David would raise himself on his alone,
Eighteen with wounds that chilled the bone.
This once sweet boy grew into someone consumed with hate,
That will tonight seal his fate.
Friends warned him to let go of yesturday and live for tommorrow,
"What do they know? They can not feel my sorrow."

In David's desk is a gun.
He made up his mind, he would not see another sun.
Everyone he loved, he would lose,
His love to another, and his mom to the booze.
David went looking and found his mom drunk on the floor,
" I sure wont miss you, ya drunken *****."

He sat on his bed and began to shed tears,
Wondering why he couldn't be loved for all those years.
What was it about him that was so wrong?
If they couldn't love him, why string him along?
"If I am a burden to others," he scoffed,
"Then maybe without me they would be better off."

In a world where you feel no a soul loves or understands you,
There is no place to run and who would you to tell your troubles to?
He tried and tried alone to fix his broken heart,
To no avail, he was doomed right from the start.
Like all of us, in the end, he doesn't know what he shall find,
"What ever it is, it has to be better than losing my mind."

No longer will he wait, the time is now,
Will people miss him? To him it does not matter any how.
He held the gun in his hand and took a final breath,
With one pull of the trigger he invited sweet death.
His body lay cold as his soul was released,
"Oh my God, there I am on the floor deceased."

Suddenly everything around him disappeared,
"Ok, this is weird."
He was surrounded in black like a stormy night.
Then there in the distance there shined a light.
"I guess it is true what people have said,
There is a bright light after you are dead."
All of a sudden, visions of his life did appear,
"Am I living flashbacks again? What is going on here?"
The vision came through very quick,
What he saw, he thought it was a cruel trick.
The picture was like looking on a screen,
He saw himself when he was thirteen.

Lying on the bed, the boy was sobbing,
He has sprained his foot and the pain was throbbing.
A loving mother ran to his side,
Hugged and kissed him as he cried,
"I remember mom when she was so gentle,
That was until, the b itch went mental."

Now a new vision of Amanda, his only love,
It was the first time he saw her, his angel from above.
She looked his way and flashed a smile,
His heart was racing as if he ran a mile.
"I remember those were my happiest days,
But why show me this, she hurt me in so many ways."

The next thing he saw, he thougt it was a fake,
As he reluctantly watched his own wake.
Amanda and his mom sobbing in each others arms,
Saying how they will miss him and all of his charms,
"Oh, please do not give me that jive,
You should have thought about that when I was alive."

To his surprise, as tears fell from her eyes,
Amanda said," I have always loved you, David, I just did not realize."
As his mother kissed his coffin she cried,
"If only I would have told him how much I loved him he wouldn't have died."
David , cried these words," Could this be true? How can this be so?
It's to late now, Oh my God, I am dead!Oh God, Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The moral of this story is very grim,
For David, it is to late for him.
In life, you must choose the right track,
If you go down this road there is no turning back.
In my life I have found,
No matter how hard life is, I must chose to turn it around.
I will never again try the easy way,
For I know it will get better someday.
So dear friends heed my advice,
Don't give up for any day can be another roll of the dice.

09-27-04, 11:37 PM
My Curse or My Salvation:A little something for us!


Born into the world I could not see
The cross to bare that was passed on to me.
These entities inside my brain,
At first made me think I was insane.

Not knowing what was wrong and wondering why,
Destroyed myself esteem and I wanted to die.
It was too much to endure, this pain and strife,
It got to the point I wanted to take my life.
Learning from doctors these demons in my head had names,
Little monsters that loved to play head games.
ADHD and Bipolar had caused my mental demise,
Laughing at my fears and the tears in my eyes.

So now that I know what is the case,
How shall I fit into the human race?
Forever viewed as a social outcast,
I knew I shall never fit in as long as this last.

In a pool of ducks, I am the ugly one,
Trapped in the dark not able to see the sun.
To be only ridiculed and never understood,
I have always been the freak of the neighborhood.

Alone in the world with no one to relate,
These demons were out to seal my fate.
Suddenly, a ray of hope was dropped at my door,
Something that would help me no longer feel like dirt on the floor.

The wise doctors devised a magic potion,
Of medicine that would cure this painful emotion.
Then, finally, I was able to see the light,
I don't have to be locked into the dark of night.

With pen and paper in hand,
I decided to make a stand.
The words that came from my very soul,
At last happiness had filled this empty hole.
Still I felt like a swan drifting alone in space,
Until fate brought me to this magical place.
My prayers were answered, this swan has finally found a place to dwell.
The with other swans with tales to tell.

I had found those,
Who share my woes.
They taught me well that what we have is a gift,
Not to be bring you down, but give you a lift,

A team of leaders, with a creative mind,
They gave me strength, I never thought I would find.
They taken my broken heart and gave it joy,
People who are like me either girl or boy.

I am amazed how simular we think,
I like to call it the ADD link.
For there are times our thoughts are in tuned to one another.
We can feel or see inside of our sister or brother.

For the ones like us who are kicked to the ground,
We shall bring comfort to all that come around.
To help them learn and to make do,
Yes, my friend, we can help pull you through.

Through the years I have grown,
Now I want to share all I have known.
Before, I would not believe I would survive,
But today my communtity of swans makes me feel alive.

The more time I share with my second family,
All this time a curse it did not have to be.
I shall take what I have learned and make these demons my salvation,
You will see me leave my mark across the nation!

09-27-04, 11:39 PM
What do I care?


I don't mean to rant, I don't mean to rave,
But this my life, who are you to tell me to behave?
You call me stupid, you call me dumb,
But check out my clothes, Do I look like a bum?
You look at me as though I'm deranged,
But from my point of view, it is you who is strange.
I am not the one who is being so rude.
My life is my own and you have no right to intrude.

You think you are so much better than me,
I'm sorry, Are you God? Can You part the Red Sea?
Shall I be the bigger person and not hold a grudge,
You are the smart one.. you be the judge!

Still, I won't sink so low,
To belittle a person I don't even know.
I thank the heavens I am not like you,
I can see through your ignorance, to me it's nothing new.

I am sure I will meet another like you before the end of the day.
Does not really matter, the earth still spins with or without your say.
In your small mined world, you will not find me there
Nor are you are not apart of my world, so what do I care.

09-27-04, 11:41 PM
Our Weeping Future(Warning May Upset Some)

Our Weeping Future

I weep for the children born into dispair,
Those who's parent just didn't care
A child is a gift from heaven above,
"I never asked to be born, I've only asked for love."

Somewhere in the world, a child is met with a fist,
But she's not the only one, Mommy is next on Daddy's list.
Going to school with black and blue eyes,
"The beatings would be worse unless teachers were told lies."

In Another place, a child is controlled by fear,
The house must be clean before Mom gets here.
Must move fast, there is much to do today,
"Don't have time for homework, Mom says I am stupid anyway."

At this moment, Mom leaves the children all alone,
When will she be back, that was never known.
Never going to school they couldn't read a book,
"I guess we'll just starve, we don't know how to cook."

These innocent kids are the future of tommorrow,
I can only pray that they won't continue the sorrow.
Children live and learn by what they see.
"Hey, Mom and Dad, I'm like you! Are ya proud of me?"

They're going out into the world only knowing how to hate,
Abusing our future, in the end,
we seal everyone's fate.
When the tables have turned,
You reap what you sow.
"Hey, payback's a ***** or didn't you know?"

09-27-04, 11:43 PM
Player's Reality Check


The time has come to say what I feel,
There are just too many fools who don't know the deal.
I am not addressing all humans on earth.
Rather I am speaking to seem to have no morals since birth.
For those of you who taken us for fools,
You thought you could keep us and still break all the rules.

We've all had our sad stories to tell,
Betrayed by those we thought we knew so well.
You think we don't know how to play the game,
Experience has taught us that every move is the same.
You played the role of someone to trust,
But all you wanted was to satisfy your lust.
You thought your good looks keep us at bay,
Sure, you may look nice but that not reason to stay.
Doesn't matter if you have the perfect hair,
What difference does it make if you are never there?
You can Work those arms to make the perfect mold,
Who cares if those arms are not there to hold.
The sexy clothes and flashy car and your cute little strut,
May turn heads but still you still have a big butt.

You promised us love but that was more of your lies,
We were not your lovers, to you we were your prize.
It's sad I have to tell you what the whole human race should know. Since the cat's out of the bag...Don't say you were not told so.
Now you are the one who is left sad and blue.
I mean seriously, would you have stayed if I was like you?

09-27-04, 11:44 PM
Better Off


Filling me with lines right from the start,
You promised you would never break my heart.
I gave you my heart and I gave you my trust,
While you used it up and turned it to dust.
Silly me, I thought you would stay,
In yet, without warning you took your love away.

Was it something I did wrong?
Or was I someone to play with and string along.
Love me? Ha! You never did,
Then why would you run away like a scared little kid.
True love is too precious of a emotion,
To waist it one a someone who knows nothing of true devotion.

Now that I know it is love that you lack,
I shall take my heart for you have none to give back.
No need to say you're sorry, for that is plain to see,
You are a sorry fool if you think this will hurt me.
The words you spoke were tainted with lies,
But Dont bother to look for tears in my eyes.

I will walk away and be totally cool,
For it is not I who is the fool.
You were not the one for me after all,
I could have loved you, but hey, this YOUR call!
I know how to love and I know my heart is true,
Someday I will find someone new.

Go ahead and leave, that's all right,
I will not lose any sleep tonight.
My bed will be empty, but I do not care,
Does not matter, you were never there.
I shall only think of you one last time and scoff,
Tommorrow is another day, and I am better off.

09-27-04, 11:49 PM
Mother I am Blessed


It is not Christmas nor Mother's Day,
Still, Mom, I wanted to write this anyway.
I wanted to thank you for all you have given me,
You helped me realize the kind of mother I want to be.

I am glad to blessed to have a mother,
Who love and kindness is like no other.
There are times I though you would yell and send me away,
To my surprise, you would just kiss me and tell me it was ok.

Through out my life you have tought me well,
Wanting only from me to excel.
No matter how hard I will try more,
To make you proud, Oh mother that I adore.

When times are rough and bleak,
You take it day by day, week to week.
As time so by and the years roll along,
Because of you I have learned to be strong.

If ever comes the day that we shall part,
The memories of you I shall keep in my heart.
You are the most wonderful woman I have ever knew,
I want so much to be just like you.

It is an honor to know a woman so brave,
When I am a mom, I will know how to behave.
I am blessed to be your child,
I love how you make me laugh when you are wild.

I want you to know how I feel now,
In the best way I know how.
With words I swear that are true,
I love you, Mom, but I am sure you already knew.

09-27-04, 11:51 PM
To Child, To Father, To Mother


To the child who would have bore thy father's name,
Please forgive a mother who now lives in shame,
I do not know if I am to blame,
Alas sweet innocence, the pain is the same.

To the father who planted this seed
I do not know where our lives shall lead,
But I do know it is your love I'll need,
By the grace of God and your strong arms to hold
There shall my aching heart be freed.

To the woman who would have been a mother,
Rest assure there will be another,
To tell the story of their sister or brother.
Let time and life be sure you lose no other.

09-27-04, 11:53 PM
Love at First Glance


As you step into veiw I stop and stare,
At a face so hypnotic and so rare.
Bless with the face from heaven above,
Oh God Help me, I think I am in Love.

I dare not stop to memorize,
The mysterious glare in your eyes.
As you turn my way and flash a smile,
You send such shiver that I have not felt in a while.

Your lips so full I am long to feel,
Touch mine and make my dreams of you real.
My heart pounds as you strut my way,
I know I would want to be with you everyday!

I can not help to wonder if this be a dream,
but still I see you are as real as a flowing stream.
As you speak softly I am in a trance,
I know believe in love at first glance!

10-03-04, 03:38 PM
Sweet lady, my friend of sorrow,
My Shoulders are here if ever you need to borrow.
Nothing can replace the unborn life that is lost,
Alas, because of false love, the child paid the cost.

The pain you feel, I too have known.
So rest assure my friend, you are not alone.
For many years I have mourned,
The death of my child because of a love scorned.

Even today, I still feel the hate,
I wanted my baby, but now it's too late.
But still You and I can not let our hearts turn cold,
We still have a chance to have another baby to hold.

We lost our children because of the beast,
Who burdened our lives, And on our fear they did feast.
Now the beast are gone, No More shall they stay.
Without them in our lives, slowly the fear will go away.

Remember it is they who could be to blame,
Either way, in the end, it is they who shall burn in the flame.
Our strength shines through for they prove themselves weak.
Think on them no more, for now Your inner peace you must seek.

Keep that in mind, for we both did what we could,
To protect our innocent ones and bring them into childhood.
Such pain as this will be hard to subside,
I know the many tears will be hard to hide.

The hurt we feel is hard to turn to dust,
This is when in God we must trust.
I have Faith that he has a plan,
So to survive the pain, I know you can. :)

12-02-04, 12:51 AM
Damn them!
Damn them all
Who are they to say we have is not real?
Do they live our lives?
Do they even know how we feel?

Clueless to reality
Mind closed to the truth
So sure of their own mind!

Let them have their own world of superficiality
I would rather live in the light
I dont need to justify myself
But aye for my rights I will fight.

Turn your normie nose to the air
Don't even bother thinking that I care!

I laugh but also feel sorrow
I Pity you for your ignorance
Sterotyping us you say we are dumb
But it you that shows it is smarts that you lack.

Do not preach your words,
I do not wanna pick your brain,
You reality is not real
So leave your brain alone and just let it heal!

I can not change who I am,
I never asked for this, but that is ok,
I would not change this life for yours,
I would rather my eyes open anyway!

I end this now and say good night,
I hope you open your eyes tommorrow.

12-22-04, 06:00 AM
Oh Love Oh Hate


Oh love, Oh Hate!
To die alone must be my fate.
My love has turned to tears,
Alas,It's been this way through out the years!

Oh Love, Oh Hate, they promised me love and then took it away,
I am so tired of being alone everyday.
I miss the three little words I love You.
Alas don't want it unless it were true.

Oh Love, Oh hate ,Tears that I have shed,
Have soaked my empty bed.
Alas, do not want to fill my bed with lust,
and give myself to someone I can't trust.

Oh Love, Oh Hate, I scoff at the notion,
That love is a splendor and real emotion.
Oh Love, I dream of you everynight,
Alas, Oh Hate I can not win this fight.

01-12-05, 05:43 AM
To our loved ones who have left the earth,
You have touched our lives since birth.
You gave us love and strength through the years,
You hugged and kissed us and dried our tears.

We know you have suffered towards the end of your life,
And have endured much pain and strife.
Although now you are out of pain,
The loneliness of you being gone brings heavy rain.

In those times of despair,
We can't take comfort knowing somehow you are still
To once and again kiss our tears away,
And remind us that we will be reunited again someday.

01-20-05, 01:10 AM
This came to me tonight:

I'm making this off the top of my head
so I am not expecting a work of art.
I never asked to be this way!
I can not change who I am,
If you are Bipolar,
according to life insurance companies
you're already dead.
So what now?
I don't have the right to die
I shall never take my life
I shall not give up the fight.

I have the right to work my life away
to a money ***** boss
but why is it...I'm not allowed to die!

And when I do
which is regretable
but enevitable,
nothing can stop my frets
to save my family the burden
should I be buried in the backyard
along with pets

Trying hard for acceptance
My mind went more astray.
So this world is not worth
that pain everyday.
Hiding in the shadows for too long
I will have my voice!
If they don't like it,
I don't give a damn!

The gift of free will is a gracious one indeed.
They can take the clothes off my back
but they can't take from me my choice.
I'm always going to tell it like it is..
About the morals people lack!

02-22-05, 12:44 AM
The Protector of My Heart of Stone


Draga, my dragon, protects my heart of stone.
and gives me strength that I have never known.
To all suitors who think my heart shall be tamed,
Beware of the firey dragon that I have named.

It is to her you must prove your worthiness,
You can not do it with promises of tenderness,
Actions speak louder than words you silly man,
Try to get past him, If you think you can.

Draga's eyes can see right through,
Into the very deep heart of you.
She can see right through your lies,
You shall feel her rath, if it is you she despise.
Oh believe me her fire is real,
She will breath hot death and her flames you shall feel!

If you can prove that you truly care,
she will let you through and your life she will spare.
If she lets you through, please be wise,
That I am a woman and not your prize.
Draga, my protector, will always be there to keep you at bay.
I shall always need her and will never send her away.

My heart of stone can't be broken.
You'd be wise to head these words I have spoken.
This stoned heart could be chipped away,
If you show that you love me everyday.

To chip the final peices is your final test.
Please, SHOW ME you are better than the rest.
When I love, I love with all of me,
Is the test not worth what life could be?

03-14-05, 03:56 AM
I envoke thee, Draga
Protect my heart of stone.
Protect the child Melly,
For she can not fight the tears alone.
Darkness calls once more
and again she cries in vein.

Within her heart,
the only world she has known,
is a world of pain.
But you and I,
can bring her to the light
and show her how
to make things right.

The past will always haunt her heart.
The wounds are deep
and many a time she will weep
but you are there always.
Come forth, my Dragon,
and remind her of better days.

01-01-06, 01:28 AM
Another year comes to an end,
and to the victims of Katrina, my prays I send.
May they find a place to rest and food to eat,
and get through the pain that lays at their feet.
I pray for the familes of the lost,
for they have paid a greater cost.
What the floods did not destroy,
cold hearts played with lives like a toy.
In my darkest thoughts I think of sweet revenge,
Those victimes whos death to avenge.
They who left the helpless for dead,
lets strap to a bed
seal them in a water tight tomb
and turn on the hose to share the same doom!
but my inner dragon will then say,
"To wish more ill, we would be no better than they.
Heed these words to keep you wise.
Sooner or later they will all pay for the victim's demise."

Still, I should not dwell on the past,
and I hope others learn from this and learn damn fast!
One door closes and then opens a new.
So dear friends, I wish a happy new year to you!

01-29-06, 08:00 AM
This is part 1 of 2 poem combo

My dear daughter, I come to you in a dream,

There is so much I want to reveal,

I know there is damage to your self esteem, but

through the truth we can both heal.

In death my soul can not rest,

for in my life I never knew,

how I made you feel second best, but

crossing over I found this was true.

You wanted to be loved,

never knowing why I could not show affection.

The more you pushed, the harder I shoved,

You done all you could, but I demanded perfection.

How hard you tried,

Always doing what I asked and more.

I may have said thank you, but a smile I did hide,

I realize now, I should have done that before.

There were things I should not have said,

I thought it would make you tough, but

it only damaged you instead.

To tell you I'm sorry still doesn't seem good enough.

No, there is no excuse, but

I am a victim of my own childhood,

not realizing I was passing on the abuse.

Things could have been different if I would have understood.

Tis' Ne'er too late for us to make peace,

I must right this wrong

and your anger must cease.

Learn to let go, for you've hurt for too long

Those who know my past

and understand what I am saying now.

Ask them to explain, for my moment has passed

I wanted to be a father, but just did not know how.

My dear daughter, I love you so

and soon you will feel no sorrow,

Let this message lead you where to go,

and all will be well tomorrow.

02-06-06, 08:47 PM
part 2

Father, I must share this tale,
for I too need closure.
Once our bitter hearts did prevail.
Nay, never speaking the words that needed exposure.

As you drifted away into eternal slumber,
Why didn't we make a stand?
Too late now to disencumber,
Your hour glass ran out of sand.

I shall always regret
how our bond went sour,
but that one night that I shall never forget,
when you proved love is a greater power.

You came to me just in time
You must have known I was losing my mind,
Even in a dream, to see you was sublime.
The dream is a treasure maps to secrets left behind.

For someone who knew you well,
and the demons you faced
explained how it was hell.
suddenly my pain had disappeared without a trace.

I would have never known,
If you would have never came to me in a dream,
Even though .love was rarely shown,
You never hated me like it did seem.

Now that I know the facts,
I can begin to forgive the man.
I actually thank you for your acts
because when I am a parent I have a plan.

The times in our lives
when we knew we were wrong,
when the day my first child arrives,
I would have learned to be strong.

Despite all the anger and pain
I know I am truly blessed,
Never again will I think of you in vein,
So, Dear Father, in peace may you rest.

Personal note to my Father:

This story is true,
and I dedicate these words to you
Dad, I miss you so much,
For God's sake, Keep in touch..

12-07-07, 01:04 PM
well ok it was posted in Gather Ye Poets but I actually like it enough to put it here too

Woe to my heart,
for my dreams that have fallen apart.
Dreams of love and family die away,
and everything seems impossible with everyday.
I try and try to get out of this rut,
but it always seems something always knocks me back down on my butt!
Some are chosen for the easy life,
It seems I was chosen for a world of strife.
Was it something I have done wrong,
that Karma keeps me singing this sad song?
What penance must I perform,
to calm this tragic storm?
Someday, somehow, something has got to give,
because damn it I want my turn in life to live!!!

12-07-07, 01:08 PM
Well, the point of return has come and went.
Today the college application was sent.
To late for doubts or regret...
Another chapter in my life,
another stage set.
God give me wisdom.
make me brave,
for I have an ill soul to save.

08-06-08, 10:11 AM
God I have only one plea,
that you not take my mother away from me.
She gave me life
To lose her would cut like a knife.
I die inside to see her in pain,
and helplessly I cry in vane!

Oh please God I beg of thee
Do not take my mother away from me.
She is not just a mother
for to me, she is a friend like no other.
Her love and strength has taught me well
I love her so much, can't you tell?
I know we can not escape death
but I shall die with her as she takes her last breath.

So I beg of you don't let it be,
That you should take my mother away from me!!!

04-24-10, 02:46 PM
Friend with Benifits my a**

Once our friendsship was bliss,
Even looked forward to that good night kiss,
Everyday I treat you like a king,
Knowing there is no chance I will wear your ring.
Would it pain you to show a little more gratitude
and just spare me your **** poor attitude!
Here I warn you boy,
my heart is no toy.
I did not leave one nag,
just to become someone elses emotional punching bag.
So next time,
I swear you better head my ryhme.
A heart of gold can easily switch,
To one hella mega *****!