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09-28-04, 08:03 AM
Here goes..

One night alvin was cycling along a dark and quiet road near his house. There was no one around as it was almost midnight.

Suddenly alvin spotted an old lady alone down along the road side. Alvin was just wondering what can an old woman be doing here at this time. He was curious but also very afraid of what the old woman may be. Is that ghost? Slowly he ride slower pass her to see who she is..

" Hiiiiiiiii young guy...Wanna buy a book? Please.... I did not sell a book today, please buy from me... i am poor and sick.. *coughs coughs*"

" ERm.." Alvin thought how sicky the old lady looked and felt pity for her. " Okay i will get one."

Alvin looked at all the books and suddenly something caught his eye. This book is so unique and have this strange feeling and wanting alvin to buy it. The book's title is " The cursed old lady ". Alvin always love to read ghosts stories so without much hesistation decided to buy it.

"how much is that" enquired alvin. " It is cheap. I will let you have it at 30 bucks, usually i had sell it at 40 bucks. How is it?" "Hmmm anyway i have only got 30 bucks in my wallet now so i guess i will buy this book then. Thanks."

" however young man, it is advisable that you never flipped to the last page of this book because...( she paused ).."
" What? is it cursed? What will happen?"
"Just listen to me! You will regret if you don't listen to me! *Coughs*"
" Alright.."

Alvin paid the 30 bucks and quickly cycled back home.

Alvin was just reading the book first chapter was so amazed with the contents. The book was fantastic. He was feeling just a bit tired and wanted to sleep..but suddenly when he remembered the old lady's warning....... he could not sleep! He wanted to know what will happen when he turned to last page of the book..

So He turned to the last page of the book.

He regretted it, just like what the old lady had said.

He saw this...

Book on sale: 15 bucks only.

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