View Full Version : APD: Is there an app for the iPhone like Fast For Word

11-03-11, 03:49 AM
I've heard this software is used for treating APD..not sure if it's for adults:

Anyway I often find myself with spots of time in my day where I'm not at my computer but I always have my phone and some headphones with me so is I was curious if anyone had found any iPhone apps similar to Fast For Word or anything that's supposed to be helpful in treating APD and/or slow processing of new information in general.

12-21-11, 05:50 AM
Hi Sbcy,

I'm sorry you had to deal with thread spam...

Ok, so here's some advice (just my opinions after all) from
a somewhat ADD guy who also happens to have vision
difficulties while on meds, oddly enough I call it a "sensory shift"
or re-emphasis of sensory abilities elsewhere. Long story short:
I learn much better with my ears than with visual words, pictures
are a different story, but words are a different story (not bad just different).

I use an iPhone to essentially fuel my learning initiatives, from using
my Mac's voice synthesis engine (The Alex voice) to make PDF's and
even scanned books audible, to my subscription which has
been the source of more learning for me than 6 years of college were.

I'm just getting started with my higher education, finally on MY terms.

Some recommended tools:

An iPhone or Android device with at least 32 GB of internal storage.

For iPhone an excellent audiobook reader is:

Speedup Pro

It features A/B looping e.g. I pick a start and end point and can loop
just that passage over and over until I'm eating, sleeping and drinking
it, then I move onto the next passage. Once I learn something, this way
it sticks and won't let go. One way or another I become more intelligent.
It may sound painfully inefficient, but that's a relative point of view.

Custom loop bookmarking lists (this alone is sooooo useful for reviewing
specific pasages over and over).

Slow down and speedup of playback (this is also very useful for different

The latest version of IOS features a globally available (that means system-wide on the iPhone) voice synthesis engine. It's gender is female
and it's disposition is that of a customer checkout kiosk, i.e. Not very pleasant to listen to.

I know that Android has much better voices which you can buy from third party companies who specialize in excellent voice synthesis engines.

Also look for a browser on iPhone called:

Web Reader

This browser will read the text of web pages to you and the voices
it features are of quite reasonable quality.

Please note: If you download audiobooks from they
will be in a proprietry 'audible' drm format and Speedup Pro will not
be able to play them. In order to unlock them from the DRM format
you will need an app for your Mac called:


This app will use the sound playback layer on your Mac, to play at high speed while recording to disk, any Audible DRM'd audiobook title.

Essentially, you need to 'unlock' the media from Audible's format before
being able to take advantage of the excellent enhancements made
possible by Speedup Pro.

If you see this update, or if anyone else does, I will be glad to have been of help.

Good luck, and never stop learning!