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11-04-11, 03:58 AM
Hi, I've posted a few times about prescription problems. I take adderall 30mg XR 1x daily, 20mg XR 2x as needed. Been on this for almost two years. Previously I was diagnosed BPD, Bipolar...etc. Being diagnosed correctly and treated correctly has given me a life. I lived in a horrible haze that was a nightmare since 4 years old. I'm in school with straight A's, hold a full time job. Keep friends. I want so badly to live this clear and fulfilling life I found.
Every other month there are problems. The pharmacy doesn't believe in ADHD, psychiatrists won't write adderall. Now my pdoc won't write C2 scripts. I'm in NYC, can't get a Dr appt for 5-6 weeks! Can anybody help? Can I ask the college? I have all my records including diagnosis and previous scripts. Who can I see quickly?
Thank you.

11-04-11, 06:01 AM
Good luck with that :rolleyes:

Try looking for ones with ADHD or similar conditions.