View Full Version : New Chewable Tablet and Oral Solution for ADHD

09-28-04, 08:28 PM
My son just started taking Methylin Chewable Tablet and it has made a big difference in us having to battle with him to take his meds daily. Our physician just prescribed the Methylin Chewable Tablets to him and he takes it with no problem. It is grape flavored which makes very taste better for him. You can get more information on this new product at the company's website at methylin4kids dot com. It really has made a big difference. I hope this helps.

09-28-04, 08:35 PM
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03-18-05, 05:58 PM
Methylin Chewable Tablet worked for my son too but I just found out it was withdrawn.Does anyone know whats happening and if they will reissue it? Thank you