View Full Version : How can we fight illnesses we cannot see?

11-08-11, 09:17 AM
The FINANCIAL -- Depression, Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are only a handful of the many illnesses which can affect individuals’ mental health

Indeed, WHO estimates 1 in out of 4 people worldwide will suffer from a mental health illness at some point in their lives, yet there is a need for countries to invest more in mental health prevention and promotion practices.

Moreover, social stigma and discrimination are major blocks to implementing effective prevention and intervention strategies. The costs to society in terms of worker disability call for urgent action and coordinated efforts from all health partners to reverse current trends. In this context, the IFPMA would like to invite you to a discussion with the leading experts to address current challenges on mental health and to exchange ideas on how all engaged stakeholders can make strides in tackling this growing health issue.

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