View Full Version : Drawing erotic stuff during classes

11-12-11, 10:03 AM
Even on medication there's no way I can pay attention to what it's being said in class so I draw stuff instead. First it was regular stuff but then I started drawing stuff which kind of drew attention, not as much because of the content but because it's really well drawn, like, it catches the eye. My friends who sit next to me find that stuff amazing and keep asking me to draw more stuff which basically makes me do it every class. (yes an engineering student who can does exist lol)

It would be nice if a specialist can evaluate my art-work to see if it's worth something. I'm not posting anything now because I fear it will get deleted due to content. What content exactly is considered appropriate in terms of nudity in this section?

12-03-11, 11:45 AM
I found that while I was in classes and could not pay attention I would draw but I would do drawings that related to the discussion this helped me a lot.