View Full Version : There once was a place...

11-14-11, 05:36 PM
There once was a place called

It held stories and wonders galore.

It was a treasure trove to quench one's boredom.

And addicting as candy and sports.

There once was a girl named hypergirl.

Who found this

And could not pull away for months.

Just read and read and read.

There once was this site named ADDF.

Where hypergirl used to go.

She forgot and forgot to log on again.

Cause to she'd go.

Then one day, hypergirl returned.

To the site called ADDF.

With a promise to friends she'd never leave for so long.

Except when she forgot again.

...and that is why I've been gone so long. Curse amazing writers and hyperfocus! Sorry for leaving. I'll try not to leave for so long again..... :( :D :D :D