View Full Version : Focalin causing Depression?

11-17-11, 03:29 PM

I've been off 20mg Adderall IR to 20mg Focalin IR for about three weeks now and though I seem to be functioning ok, I was hit by a pretty rough depression and anxiety spell that seems to persist intermittently through several parts of the day.

I've been fighting my way through, finding ways to get my work done, but I actually broke down and left a message for my Doctor today. Some of the thoughts and moods are just too dark. I've had some hollow and empty feelings while taking Adderall, but these new spells brought on (apparently) by Focalin seem much more powerful, frequent, and tinged with an anger and deep, frightening feelings of sorrow. No external causes are readily clear.

Not much else has changed to accompany the medication shift aside for a bit of a planned and temporary down-scaling of my social life two weeks ago so I can focus more on my work. That and I've cut pornography out of my life about three weeks ago (around the same time I started focalin), not that it was ever a really big part of it. But I just felt like it would be nice to not have to worry about the small anxieties it seemed to produce and try and focus my energy elsewhere. But I don't see how the absense of porn could lead to depression/anger seeing as I haven't stopped masturbating. Doesn't seem to make sense.

Though it's been quite a battle, I can probably tough it out for another few weeks on focalin in the interest of giving my body/brain the chance to adjust. But, then again, my main reason for shifting off adderall was because I was hoping the bothersome side-effects, particularly appetite loss and diahrrea, would subside some on focalin. Hasn't been the case. Is it time to switch back to adderall? Anyone else experience depression from focalin?

11-18-11, 10:26 AM
I feel that whole drive to constantly self gratify is an issue . Don't play it off. It means for starters that your stimulus seeking and you cannot find joy or interest in normal activities. I do think this is a symptom of depression especially in those with adhd, it's my own theory but it focuses on something thats instant, it takes your mind off of life and importance and most importantly it can become obsessive which is not healthy. I would consider something that helped control mood and regulation and addictive behaviors like an addition of wellbutrin. I find that 150xl will not be enough to touch depression and you should titrate to 300xl if you were to try it. Conversely , wellbutrin may increase sex drive and interest but I feel it may help regulate mood and behavior which would then help in decision making.

11-19-11, 05:27 PM
well- I couldn't get in touch with my Doctor so I went ahead and switched off the Focalin back to 20mg adderall IR on Friday and immediately felt better, more stable, and was able to complete my day with better focus and interact normally in social environments.

@Hollywood - I'm not sure I followed your reasoning specifically. Were you saying that it was better for me to stay with Focalin and seek to counter the depressive thoughts with Wellbutrin rather than switch back to adderall, which seemingly cancels out the depressive thoughts by it's own accord? Hopefully I'll get my doctor to weigh in on Monday, but for now, I'm feeling and behaving much better with the Focalin out of my system.