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11-17-11, 05:22 PM
Hi All-

In Oregon, only one month of ADD meds can be prescribed at a time. I don't have time every month to go pick up a copy of my prescription (this thing called work likes it when I am actually working during working hours). In Minnesota, I could get 3 prescriptions for 1/month each. What are the laws concerning adderall prescriptions in Washington? Can I get 3 months worth at one time or is it more restricted?

What I've done:
Tried going through my insurance company already and their search tools are essentially worthless (anxiety, depression, and ADD are not searchable items).

The doctor I went to after searching on my own wanted me to do a ECG (as a 28-year old with 6+ months of Adderall usage and no heart issues - my blood pressure of 120/80 while on the Adderall) and already was encouraging me to try managing it on my own. After being calm for the first time in 28 years of being anxious, I'm not likely to switch things up. So . . . still looking.

My background:
Newly moved to Portland, OR, from Minnesota and looking for a new doctor/RN to help manage my ADD/anxiety combo. Was diagnosed December 2010 after seeking treatment for anxiety/depression. It's like a whole new world. A calmer, less anxious, less OCD about everything world. Had a fabulous RN in Minnesota and still sad about leaving her . . .

01-01-12, 09:48 PM
My Pdoc writes me three prescriptions for 1 month supplies, and I just fill them one at a time, rather than needing to visit him every time for a refill.

There are no laws restricting what you fill, just your insurance will generally only cover X pills per month. I tried filling two at once and the pharmacist said that he could fill them, but my insurance would only cover 48 of the 60, so I just did one month at a time.

01-02-12, 12:04 AM
I have had postdated scripts written -- but as the scripts were being written I was also informed that this was not officially sanctioned...