View Full Version : Pregabalin (Lyrica) for GAD

11-26-11, 01:39 AM
Here in Germany Lyrica is approved for the treatment of GAD. The scientific material I saw looked very promising. Still, it is a relatively new drug and the SSRi are still choice #1 but if you look into the NICE-Guidlines, published from the UK-Health-Care system who are well known for their high standards rate with 1, just like the SSRi.

What I can tell from my own experience, taking it for almost 2 weeks know is, that it really can help quickly. Effects seem to show up after one week and then increase with dosage adjustments.

Without the anxiety, my life has become a much better one. I am happy to have this treatment option because I am bipolar and risking my mood stability with antidepressants is not an option if I have better choices.

In the U.S., the FDA didn't approve if for GAD. I do not know why.

My opinion is, that it also helps with social anxiety and maybe some people with sleeping problems.

Lyrica is available for a couple of neurological disease but not for any psychiatric indication.

I am sorry for you guys but we don't have all the amphetamines you can throw around.