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11-26-11, 01:30 PM
(mainly directed to Tambourine-Man, but in its own thread to make it neatly-searchable by others in the future and obviously open to comment by everyone else)

How does the effect of desoxyn seem to compare with dextroamphetamine and adderall with specific regard to Aspie/ADD executive functioning -- being able to work on things you (intellectually) know you need to focus on, but just can't bring yourself to care about enough to work on because you're really dying to spend 5 hours researching something interesting you tripped across during breakfast, or are just hellbent on indulging in some other interest & will spend the day in misearble stressed-out frustration if you're forced to do otherwise?

I have a huge problem with this, and to an extent all the stimulant meds I've taken (Concerta, Adderall, and Vyvanse/Dexedrine) have made it slightly worse (especially in the morning, if I latch onto something while the first dose is kicking in). I didn't have nearly as bad of a problem with it back when I took desipramine, but my doctor forced me to quit taking it last year (read: his malpractice insurance policy excludes claims arising from drugs the FDA is "concerned" about), and it's been a *gigantic* problem ever since.

11-26-11, 02:01 PM
Ok, being an Aspie I have very strong obsessions. I get fixated on certain topics (like medication) and study them extensively until I know everything there is to know about them. I talk and think of little else.

Adderall improves my executive functioning, but over time it makes my obsessiveness far worse. You know how Adderall can give NTs extreme tunnel vision? Think what it does to someone with autism?

I switched to Dexedrine because of this, and because Adderall was giving me anxiety and muscle tension. Dexedrine did not exacerbate my obsessions nearly as much, and had far less body load. However, the PNS stimulation became more apparent over time and my anxiety started getting really bad. I think part of this was due to the inconsistency of the Barr tablets. Some of the 5mg tabs seemed MUCH stronger than others.

I had to switch to Desoxyn because of Dexedrine shortages. As I've mentioned, it is by far the gentlest stimulant. I'm still an Aspie and I still have intense fixations, but they are not even slightly exacerbated. If anything they are a bit reduced.

I think stimulants have strange effects on me over time. I don't seem to adjust to the side-effects. I don't have any side-effects at the start of treatment. Instead, they appear over time.

I think Desoxyn may be a good medication for Aspies who need a stimulant, but it is a bit too early to say with certainty.