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09-26-04, 10:29 AM
...::Dedicated to my beloved hamster::...

No matter rain or shine,
My love for you will never dies.
No matter what they all said you are a
Greedy and fat rodent,
But i still think you are healthy and beautiful.

I know you are lonely
But when i have money and time, i promise you,
I will buy you a female hamster.

Sometimes you made me sad.
You bite me when i am disturbing you from sleeping.
Why? I just wanna see if you wanna wake up and talk to me.
But you bite me.

Sometimes you made me angry.
Because you pee everywhere.
From on my hands to on floor.
Why do u have so much urine to spare?

But i still love you hamster!

p/s: everybody are laughing at this. I am REALLY NOT talented in making poem. I don't even call this a poem. So what is this? Awwwww... lol

10-02-04, 01:14 AM
Hey this is my second poem, i don really know how to write. And it doesn't really rhyme. Hee.. do leave me some comments ;)
I jus got some inspirations while i was studying and had some flashbacks-quite unhappy flashbacks and heard some songs and got my inspirations.

No one treat me the way I treat them
I am the one and only..
the one that is lonely.

I hope you ask
Why is there frown on your face?
I hope you ask
How are you lately?
I hope someone ask
But not one..
Maybe because i wasn't popular enough
I wasn't prettier than them,
I wasn't as smart than them,
I wasn't as rich as them,
I just wasn't good enough for them.

It is all enough.
All these are enough than before.

It all doesn't matter anymore..
I have seen this through.
I will be stronger than yesterday.
No more showing my emotions to people,
because it only makes me more..

To me,
I love you for who you are.
All your flaws and imperfections I am ready to accept.
It is alright,
Self love is the greatest love
It's enough for me.