View Full Version : Moderator Note Regarding Methylin Shortage / Pricing Threads

11-28-11, 11:11 PM

Methylin (= instant-release methylphenidate HCl) does not appear to have been affected by recent medication shortages and price increases to the same extent as Adderall.

However, in an effort to make it easier for members to find current information, moderators will be moving some threads/posts on methylphenidate shortages and pricing, and consolidating the information therein.

Threads/posts directly discussing methylphenidate availability or price changes could be temporarily removed from the forums. We understand that this is frustrating and confusing for many members. Please do not be alarmed if your thread or post "disappears" from view! It is temporary.

Threads and posts should be straightened out within one (1) week.

We ask that members please be patient and refrain from starting new threads regarding methylphenidate shortages or price increases.

As soon as the consolidation process is complete, we'll post a note to let you know. From then on, you can post new information and/or questions regarding methylphenidate shortages and pricing issues to the consolidated thread.

Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation!

- Namazu