View Full Version : As Good as it Gets

11-29-11, 11:03 PM
Is this as good as it gets? I been living for years in this dark abyss of Hyperactivity,confusion, Anxiety, Indecision,. My Brain wants to say F**K It. But on the other hand another part is saying get up Dre I'm dying and I Need you so come back for F**K Sake.I hate that I can never be the person I used to be so my brain Asks me what now.I tell it I don't Know your the one in charge just do your Damn job.

That's when the lights that we're on inside turn off and all hell breaks loose. Memory goes to hell and does my creativity.So this life I was once building for myself is radically different and I have my brain to thank for it.On the other hand I have feelings like I can't live without you.I need you you are apart of me just act like it damn it. Then the reality of the situation occurs I've got ADHD( Which some people still question in Adults), Anxiety, Social phobia, as well as Panic Attacks.

Some-days I wonder how I even get up in the morning but then Again I'm really doing well as I have no Job, no wife, no kids, no life, strangely as I say these things I'm not depressed. I do feel a since of loss over a life I could've had but it's too late to go back in time and I'm to screwed up to go forward. I'm in a dream like limbo state all day everyday like in Inception.

So I guess the question is even with meds what if this is as good as it gets?