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10-02-04, 04:00 PM
A Teacher's Top Seven for Teacher's

Charlene Wheeler Fowler, an Exceptional Services teacher at the Raymond Elementary School in Raymond, MS, sent a list of the seven things she thinks every teacher should know about TS. (Tourettes Syndrome)

1. TS isn't just corprolalia and physical motor tics. The array of tics is astounding.

2. Get use to the noises. When these noises start it is very disruptive, but after a while everyone gets used to them and is able to ignore them.

3. Talk to the student about TS - why he has the urge to make noises.

4. Explain TS to the other students who think he is "getting away with it" each time the teacher ignores a TS - related behavior.

5. Decide what's most important - learning or a class of children quietly sitting up straight.

6. Work with the child developing interpersonal skills.

7. Educate the rest of the faculty and staff about the symptoms of TS.

Tourettes Syndrome Association, Inc. NewsLetter Summer 2004*Volume 22*Number 1