View Full Version : Writing a book?

11-30-11, 08:47 PM
Have on occasion thought I could write a book (or 2) on my life

.. Is 30 too young to write about your story?
.. What would people be most interested in reading?
.. Can I make my story interesting enough to grab hold of attention?
.. Would an ADHDer even finish such a book, or might it become just like many other unfinished projects?

11-30-11, 11:20 PM
Well......Ned Hallowell wrote a book or two.....there are several regular members here who have been I think you could do it as well. :)

12-01-11, 01:54 AM
As I just wrote to someone:
.. as well as songs from the band Everclear sold, maybe my story could if I can paint it that way .. I can easily compare my childhood to songs like "Wonderful" "Father of Mine" and "buy you a new life" ? And that's just my childhood.. lol.

12-01-11, 04:34 AM
This is a snipet, and a very rough draft for sure... from the book I'm just starting to write on my oh-so-fabulous life

"While in high school, they took a drive out to Pam's fathers' home one afternoon when he was at work. They helped themselves to the jug of home made blackberry brandy, refilling two Pepsi cans with the 15 year old mixture.

After they got in Julie's car, they sampled the potent brandy mixture as they drove to the local youth center. Realizing the brandy was far too potent for their tastes, they added some Pepsi from a soda machine in the parking lot.

The idea that they could get away with drinking alcohol in a vehicle, while also being under the drinking age, proved to be an encouragement to see what else they could get away with doing.

The night of the Homecoming dance that year, they started at a pre-party at Pam's boyfriends where they had a little to drink. Deciding to push the risks a bit further, they took a couple Brandy-filled soda cans with their friends to the Homecoming dance. Leaving the dance periodically to head to Julie's car for a drink, then back into the dance, noone was ever the wiser but them.

A few months later, the juvenile antics had reached new levels of careless driving. With the encouragement of Julie's crazy friends, they often drank alcohol under-aged inside the vehicle, of course speeding was a common occurrence, and passing cars on the right side on 2 lane highways or passing and in no passing zones were some of the least risky things. Living in a small town with plenty of country highways provided ample opportunity to test out reckless behavior.

“Flash your headlights off for a second to see if there is a car coming up to the intersection” One friend's boyfriend suggests.

“What? Are you crazy? Turn my headlights off?” Asks Julie

“Yea, that way you can see if a car is coming up to the intersection or not. Then you can fly right through if you don't see headlights”.

She agrees to try this potentially dangerous stunt, flashing off the headlights twice, seeing no headlights coming from either side of the upcoming intersection, and flys through the stop sign at approximately 60mph. Exhilarating rush passes, no car crashes... this was fun, we should do that again."