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Kunga Dorji
12-04-11, 12:37 AM
Thanks for the rep point. I have worked very hard to get to my current point.

When I started- my sole motivation was the welfare of my wife and children. Now I have a point to prove.

We ADDers are MUCH better than we think we are.

I know how effective my path has been.

I know I cannot just argue people into submission.

Go back, dig in a few years - and look how scattered, how cranky and tangential so many of my posts were.

There is a real change here.

It has not JUST been the drugs- it is as much a reflection of the choices and treatments I have chosen, of the support and kindness of my family and friends, and because of the way you guys here refuse to accept what I say at face value.

I have had to fight to be able to argue for what I know is right- and the process of that fighting has been as transformational for me as the medication.

12-06-11, 03:47 AM
Just as what seems good can be destructive , what feels unpleasant can be productive.