View Full Version : Is anybody going to the AD/HD Conference this weekend?

10-03-04, 05:02 PM
There is a 2 day ADHD Conference in Seattle, WA (actually Tukwila, WA) October 9&10.

Kathleen Nedeau, Ph. D. on Saturday
Edward Hallowell M.D. on Sunday

Plus lots of others.

I'm going up to see what I can learn, along with staywithmehere. (Another ADD Forum member.)

I can't post links yet so try a Google search for "addresources conference" it should be one of the first ones on the list.

10-03-04, 07:24 PM
It looks like a great conference but I won't be able to make this one. I have heard both Ned Hallowell and Kathleen Nadeau speak before and they are both wonderful speakers!!!

More info about thos conference can be found at

10-03-04, 08:08 PM
Hi, I'll be going and am really looking forward to this opportunity to learn more about AD/HD and of strategies that may help me get a handle on things.

I'm pretty new here, and newly "officially" diagnosed, but have suspected AD/HD for a while.

My husband is coming with me and will be attending the talks too. Feel free to private message me if you would like to connect at the meeting.


10-03-04, 10:30 PM
Maybe we will see you there, I don't know my way around (I live in Oregon) so it would be hard to arrange anything.

Glad to see that some have found out about it.

Ginger : )

10-03-04, 10:49 PM
This organization that is putting this conference on is a great resource, and not just for the west coast, I think that they are going to become quite a force in the ADHD field.

We went to a conference that they put on about 2 or 3 years ago, it was Dr. Amen. (Author of, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life; and Healing ADD) It was after listening to him that I made the life changing decision to get tested for ADHD, (I had already self-diagnosis, on line tests books etc.) consider medication, and higher an ADHD coach.

10-03-04, 11:14 PM
His techniques are criticized by some in his field however they are not forward thinking. The medical community is made up of very by the book induhviduals, (misspelling intentional) in most instances this is a good stance. However anytime anything "bleeding edge" comes along they start pelting with stones and ask questions later.

He advocates the study of the brain, gynecologists routinely disturb the unborn with peeks and prods, heart specialists make it there duty to view the human heart before they make any long term decisions about treatment. The list goes on and on. As soon as you start discussing the human brain (it is part of the body, an organ even!) unless there is a stick poking out of your head, they refuse to look at the very organ that they are treating!! (Pant, pant, trying to settle back down...)

Even Daniel Amen says that there is no need to "scan" everyone in order to make a diagnose, but some scans are recommended, like if the diagnose is uncertain. This could be a lot safer in the long run, especially when you consider some of the potentially dangerous outcomes that could result from giving the wrong medication to someone. For instance, if you give stimulants (adderall etc.) to someone bipolar they risk having an extreme manic episode, (the highest risk of death for someone bipolar is during a manic episode.)

I have a lot to say in Dr. Amen's defense, but I will rest my case for now. (especially considering this actualy is not the correct thread for it.)

Thanks for reading it. ;)

10-04-04, 01:29 AM
I won't know my way around either - but I expect we'll all get nametags upon registration. I'll keep an eye out for "Ginger from Oregon" and will introduce myself if I bump into you :)

I'll be attending on both days.

10-04-04, 01:41 AM
Sounds like a plan!

10-04-04, 01:48 AM
Opps, I don't know what nametag to look for???

10-04-04, 07:56 PM
Hey, if you want to find Ginger404 just look for me, her 6-months-pregnant friend, Jennifer from Oregon. I'll try to wear black as usual but I'm still going to be hard to miss. Why not use the landmark, it's there, Ginger! :-P


10-05-04, 12:47 AM
LOL - congrats on your expectancy Jen!

I've send Ginger some more info about me, and I'm sure we'll run into you (I don't think it's that huge of a meeting)

Look forward to meeing you there!

(neat - I see I'm a "Jr Member" now and now longer a "newbie" woohoo :D )

10-05-04, 12:50 AM
Conferences usually have some type of Bulliten Boards. You guys could post something for "ADD Forums Members".

10-05-04, 01:51 PM
Why not use the landmark, it's there, Ginger! :-P
Some how I just don't think of you as a landmark!;)

10-05-04, 03:25 PM
Conferences usually have some type of Bulliten Boards. You guys could post something for "ADD Forums Members". Great Idea!