View Full Version : Family Doctor and/or groups in Calgary?

12-05-11, 03:53 AM
Hi, I moved back to Calgary about a year and a half ago and was diagnosed with ADHD a few months ago by therapist and supervising psychiatrist.

My problem is this: I need to find a family doc for myself (to continue to monitor conditions and prescribe meds once I no longer have access to the program I am in) and for my kids (one of which I would like assessed for ADHD).

Does anyone in Calgary know a good gp with some experience with ADHD who may be accepting new patients?

Also, are there any groups for adult ADDers here in Calgary?


06-01-12, 04:05 AM
I don't know who diagnoses adhd in Calgary but would suggest asking CHADD Calgary. Not allowed to post links so google it. they also have an adult support group. many adhd support groups will have some names of locals who diagnose and treat adhd.

I did a talk their a few years ago on ADHD coaching at their annual conference, it very well organized, they were very friendly, very helpful people. check them out.