View Full Version : Any advice for natural caffeine regiment.

12-05-11, 08:07 PM
Hi, for the past year i have been taking 10mg of adderall XR to treat my mild ADHD combined. Ive been generally happy with the results but after taking a cup of coffee this morning instead of the adderall, i noticed that i was able to stay focused, my hyperactivity was gone, and the personality suppressing effects i get with adderall were non-existent. I used to self medicate with coffee and frankly can't remember why i stopped :p

So do you have any suggestions for natural caffeine regiments such as the best brands of green tea or should i just stick to a cup of coffee every morning.

12-05-11, 10:56 PM
i had a good effect from coffee for a while, but I have noticed it has started to wear off. I don't know why, but mountain dew seems to work pretty good for me, as does monster energy, but it causes a little anxiety. Anyway, I only take Cymbalta for ADHD, and have to say any of those drinks work much better for me!