View Full Version : Abilify for OCD?

12-07-11, 04:24 PM
My doctor recently recommended Abilify for my OCD. I've been on 4-5 SSRI's and Anafranil with no luck. He said that it would help because it seems that my anxiety is caused by "grandiose ruminations that have no logical basis." I was under the impression that any OCD obsessions/thoughts didn't have a logical basis though? I'm gonna give it a try, just wanted to see if anybody else had ever had an antipsychotic prescribed for this...


12-07-11, 04:53 PM
I've been on Abilify for over 4yrs.I take 30mgs daily along with the anti-depressant Paxil.Abilify has been a lifesaver for my depression,anxiety & severe mood swings.I don't get any of the side effects from it & the only thing I noticed was that the Dexedrine that I also take for ADD seemed to be less effective for me once I started the Abilify.Hope this helps somewhat.Good luck.