View Full Version : you can get pharmaceutical herion on the NHS but not adderall?

12-08-11, 01:56 PM
Now before anyone thinks that I'm opposing the NHS prescribing people with pharmaceutical heroin , I'm not . If anything I think its a brilliant idea. Addicts are much healthier when they are on the drug instead of off it . They can live their lives normally and do not resort to crimes for their addiction. At the moment the UK seems to be the only country in the world that prescribes pharmaceutical herion. They are clearly not afraid of trying new things in the hopes that it will offer better treatment for people .

But if that's the case then why does it seem like they are so behind when it comes to treating Adult Add. Any type of ADD medication is done on the supervision of a specialist,doses are giving low then raised when necessary. With a healthy lifestyle and monitoring almost nothing could go wrong . and yet many of us find that we have to go private not just in order to see someone who is well informed about Adult ADD but someone that is willing to prescribe medication as well. All this comes at a great financial cost. All i can say is something needs to turn around.

Also are there any health insurance companies that will pay for ADHD medication? Quite a few people mention insurance companies but some often look at ADHD under the category of pre-existing or chronic disorder.