View Full Version : Looking at the "WatchMinder3"...

12-09-11, 11:40 AM
I was looking for reviews on the Watchminder3 when I saw this old thread (

The WatchMinder3 version seems to have some improvements such as being "waterproof," smaller, and you can choose velcro wrist straps (which I prefer, though they are less...stylish).

I've been thinking about getting one for ds for awhile, particularly for morning reminders (eat your breakfast, eat your breakfast, eat your breakfast...get dressed, get dressed, get dressed...:rolleyes:) and for the end of the school day when the teacher is busy and he tends to have problems; he's been wanting a digital watch anyway:D. He also does better when he can manage himself instead of getting reminders from us, and he loves gadgets.

I also was thinking of getting one for myself; as the family agenda book I have a ton to remember and my cell has a 5 alarm limit (plus, they run the batteries down if I let them ring to pester me), my alarm clock collection is alarming dh;), and only so many timers can fit on the fridge (I'm ADHD as well).

12-20-11, 11:23 AM
I did order them but I've been sick so I haven't attempted to program them yet; I would like to have ds used to the silent alarm before school starts. They sent the watch with the plastic strap as well as the velcro I requested.

12-20-11, 07:43 PM
Let us know what you think when you start using them. I hope you feel better. :)

01-02-12, 11:11 AM
It was easier to program than I expected, though ds "explored" the settings and I need to do them over :rolleyes:. The one big flaw is not having weekday/weekend settings.

01-18-12, 11:07 AM
Ds thinks the vibrating alarm sounds like a farting noise which was causing distraction, so he has no alarms set after he leaves the house. Though it seems to have reduced his eating time in the morning by 10-15 minutes, which is helpful.

Since my schedule is different on some days I'm primarily using it to not loose track of time; I have an alarm going off at 30 minute intervals.