View Full Version : Youngster: mygraine and ADHD vs. sugar

12-10-11, 01:08 PM
Case: My son, 17, has mygraines and headaches. Removing lactose (milk sugar) from his diet has really decreases the mygraines. He isn't completely strict and doesn't read labels, but just avoids the obvious lactose containing foods.

Idea: We have been abroad in a non-western country for a month and he barely had headaches then. At home he had them again, though not that much. In October (around Helloween) it was worse for a few weeks and now it is worse. DS barely eats sweets normally, but around Helloween en now with Christmas approaching we have more sweets at home because of the younger kids. The headaches are never completely absent at home (abroad they are!). Therefore DS suspects it might have to do with sugar, has thought so before but is now convinced. Reading on the web tells me that some people with mygraine tend to have intense reactions to refined sugar. I am not sure if it is only that kind of sugar since he also reacts to lactose.
Now DS wants to eliminate refined sugar from his diet for a few weeks to see if it works.

Question: Does one of you have experience with eliminating sugars? What kinds of sugar do we need to avoid on the labels? Which sweeteners definitely to avoid?

12-10-11, 01:53 PM
I forgot to ask: How long does he have to follow the diet before we can be sure of the effect? I understood that things might get worse before getting better.

12-10-11, 04:16 PM
I got my hands on a list with 10 to 15 kinds of refined sugar and got myself some info on how food labels work. The list is in another language (we are not native English or American) so it's no use sharing with you.

I have good hopes this will work!