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12-14-11, 05:14 PM
My psychiatrist doesn't have any other ADD patients apart from me (my diagnoses came from my psychologist after I'd been seeing the shrink for a while) and although he's happy to work with me and try some meds, he says he doesn't have the authority to prescribe stimulants?

I thought all shrinks had authority in Australia? He doesn't mind registering for authority, or getting another shrink in the area to write meds up for me but it seems like a lot of extra hassle.

Has anyone else ever come across a psychiatrist that didn't have the authority to write up stims?

01-27-12, 06:25 AM
I haven't but I just noted in another post that I was surprised this was the case.

Does that mean that the shrink who can't prescribe the meds would be less likely to diagnose someone with ADHD? How much do they about it?

I'm feel quite strongly about misdiagnosis of ADHD. My mum has been on anti depressants most of her life and she's clearly has ADHD. And I saw her shrink when I was 19 and I got aropax. I often wonder how many others who are 'depressed' or have something else but actually have ADHD?

Sorry to hijack your thread emploding...

I really do hope you get to see the right doctor soon and get your treatment...I understand your frustration...I was in same boat with a long wait to see my doctor.

02-03-12, 02:33 PM
Check this out:


Note: Only a psychiatrist or neurologist may apply for an S28C authority

A psychiatrist or neurologist who has been issued with a ‘S28c’ authority number by
Pharmaceutical Services Branch of the NSW Department of Health may prescribe
psychostimulant medication without a prior authority provided that the patient has
been diagnosed as suffering from ADHD and satisfies all of the criteria set out under
“Criteria for Diagnosis”, the patient has been assessed as set out under
“Assessment” and the patient’s condition is being managed generally in accordance
with this document.