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12-20-11, 01:12 PM
Hi there,

I posted a while ago about informatioin about ADD. I just got diagnosed about a month and half ago with adult adhd. I am 25 years old female. I am prescribed 150 mg wellbutrin xl to take twice a day. I also have anxiety and depression.

I am embarassed to admit this but I still feel hopeless. I have some crucial exams to write and for the past few years I haven't had the motivation or focus. I can't sit still for too long, my mind wanders and it becomes so aggravating i just quit for the day.. this is how it's been for about 5 years now :S

I've taken the pills here and there, on and off. I am never compliant with my medication because I always think that there is no cure for me. I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression for many many years but I just feel too hopeless to continue the medicine for them. I just feel so hopeless. I have graduated grad school and I am a year or two behind in my career bc of this and i feel like i will never catch up.

Will wellbutrin xl seriously help me? I don't know if the lack of motivation is due to my anxiety and being depressed or it's due to adhd or it's just me being that way. I keep thinking that I am just not cut out for all of this and i should just give up.

Through out school I have struggled. I couldn't sit still in classes, I missed details on assignments and tests and I just barely got by. I never considered adhd as a reason so up til now I just feel like I don't have what it takes.

I spend my time organizing the material to study, getting set up, but once I sit down I get so nervous and suffocated I have to stop. I then spend the whole day jumping from distraction to distraction. If I do study it's for a few minutes at a time. I don't enjoy the distractions, even if i am watching a show instead deep down i feel so miserable and worried about studying

I desperately seek a study partner because I know I will work hard to keep up with them and it will help, but in my field it's hard to find one. When I was in little school I was the top in my entire grade , I got high marks and I even helped others. But that's because I was given specific dead lines. In my exams now it is self study which means I can set my own dead lines and schedule, something that I NEVER stick to.

Will wellbutrin help me focus and get motivated? How do I use wellbutrin to encourage me to study? Are there any tips tricks you recommend?

Right now I feel so suffocated, I can't finish anything. Just typing this up has made me feel like i'm going to hyperventilate, I'm struggling to complete this as someone trying to give their pet a bath.

12-20-11, 02:01 PM
Cure isn't the right word, but you probably knew that, right? Wellbutrin will treat symptoms of depression and to a lesser degree ADD, but only if it is the right med for your brain chemistry AND only if you take it as dirrected.

Why dont you try the wellbutrin for a while long, but take it regularly as prescribed. If you have a hard time remembering to take your pills then maybe try setting an alarm on your phone and getting a weekly/daily pill dispenser. Those things can help manage your med schedule. If you still have symptoms that are unacceptable then I would go back to your doc. Also remember that some of these symptoms maybe be due to the stress of school/finals/papers, wellbutrin wont help with normal stresses straight out.

School is hard and its harder when you have depression. I hope you figure out what works for you. Keep trying. :)

12-20-11, 02:20 PM
Is there any reason why you are not prescribed stimulants? Stimulants like Ritalin or Adderal has been shown to help a much larger percentage of ADHD sufferers than what Wellbutrin does.

12-22-11, 10:59 PM
thanks for your help everyone:)

i will keep trying to stick to it and hopefully it helps me..

stimulants were not prescribed bc i already have so much anxiety.

12-23-11, 04:37 PM
I dont get it how people can go with ADD, and NOT have either depression nor anxiety, they must be ******** (considered by others)...
When I "Go with the flow" I do really express my true feelings, but I never let myself do that (to let the ADD behaviors take over), and thus, of course anxiety and such has built up to the max during all these years when I did not know I had ADD...

Damn I am really jealous of people who just have no anxiety, what so ever. They should be lucky!

Sorry threadmaker, I did not want to steal your thread.
I would just like to share some serious advices I think might help you.
What I noticed in your text is that you are quite pessimistic. I have been pessimistic myself for the last 6-7 years or so, I have just recently discovered. Depression does make a person pessimistic, and your energy levels goes down. I know you have heard this so many times before, and I know that me myself and I did not believe a squat of it either, but IT CAN get better!

Everything you do in life is not hopeless or doomed. Please have a look through these very very simple steps, they actually helped me a lot. I read it now once a day, every day :)

Medicines are...
A hassle, as far as I see it. At least if you have a lame doctor who is not willing to help you enough. You might need to "Struggle" to change medication, and FOR FK SAKE that is the doctors responsibility to make sure you are feeling well, not for you to drag yourself and use your energy to "try to convince" him/her about that this is not helping you, or not helping you enough.

I was on many different antidep. meds before I tried SSRI S-oropram (Escitalopram) and his is THE antidep. medicine for me! I have had it for 1.5 years, and thought I could reduce it... my stupid psychiatrist adviced me to try to quit it for 3 weeks, and let me just tell you; I will never contact him again after the total emotional crash I experienced. Now I realized it is nothing wrong with being on these meds, and I think I might have them for a few years. ...

I have recently discovered I had ADD (Like 2 months ago), along with OCPD (not OCD!) and depression... (which I knew).
I have not yet gotten an appointment for the ADD clinic, but I have changed my life accordingly to what you can do by yourself. When I found out about ADD, it changed my views on everything, and of course gave me and exlpanation for everything I did not understand. Without ranting on forever, which we ADDers always do, I would like to say a few things which ESPECIALLY can be really helpful:

- Exercise, and exercise daily. But you have to find something you can STAND doing, something which is not too boring. In the beginning, take it easy. You do not want to get really exhausted, as you might skip it the next time (and next, next next) since everything you think about is how ******* exhausting and sweaty it was. But, luckily, cardio health and strength is extraordinarily fast to improve, and you will notice that you feel better already the 2nd time I can GUARANTEE you.

All which is required is 15-20 minutes workout each day (every day) to get your heart pumping, that is not too much to request to feel overall amazing, right?
What I have literally noticed in 3 weeks:
- Much calmer
- Better focus
- More postive and better mood
- More energy
- Better sleep
- Less anxiety
- LESS procrastination!
And this of course causes less depression!

I would also advice you to eat healthier like fruits every day, nice proper breakfast with some nice cheese, FULL GRAIN DARK bread or yoghurt with special k, muesli etc etc...

What I also noticed is that my mood and motivation is much better if I make sure I literally eat something, whatever, every 2 hours. ALWAYS avoid sugary stuff, it is horrible for your brain, especially with anxiety, depression and above all ADD!

I can also recommend to try fish oil as a supplement, make sure the DHA, as this is proven to make focus better for ADD. Also Gingko bilboa is suppose to be good. I am eating both (costs like 10 bucks a month), and I think it does help!

Finally I would recommend to read read and share your emotions with everyone around you and this forum.
Read about success stories, about people who have handicaps of all kinds, and stop comparing yourself to everyone, and you will be better soon.

Also, CBT can be practised by yourself in easy steps. You can find an AMAZING amount of free info, worksheets etc. on - just check out these!

I am also meditating 1-2 times daily now, and this certainly helps mood and focus as well. One important thing to remember is that, there is not such thing called as "I am happy". It is unique for everyone, different depending on who you ask (the very definition), and nothing says you will ever reach it, unless you start to see more at what you have, instead of what you do not have.

Trust me, I have been feeling total **** during the past couple of years, but there is absolutely hope in all of the ****.
Send me a pm too, if you want...

Have a great Christmas now,
Hugs from Dennis!