View Full Version : Computer work (graphic design) - ADHD or LD problem?

12-21-11, 12:37 PM
I work with hundreds of files (pictures, graphics, diagrams for our company website), many of which are duplicates with minor differences, each belonging to their own folders for proper organization. When I am editing a file or making some kind of change, I get very, very confused when going between files - whether it is renaming them and figuring out where to save them, having to find the file and folder, etc.

What I'm trying at the moment is for each small task, write it down (not lengthy enough, but with enough prompts/info so I'm not wasting too much time writing). When I do this, it helps me greatly.

If I don't do that, my brain is constantly thinking and feeling "tired." It feels like my brain hurts due to all the thinking and heavy concentrating (in reality, it feels like headache around the temples). Of course, the tasks that I'm doing -- the editing, finding files, saving files, etc. -- are not real fun to begin with.

The problems I've described above... are these obvious ADHD traits or could they signal a learning disability? I don't doubt that I have regular ADHD already, but I'm wondering if such problems might be something more.

A better example for the average computer worker not doing graphic design... it's like going to your documents folder and having to find a particular file. There are maybe 15 folders, and you have to go find the folder that the file should be in. A few seconds upon opening the main folder and seeing the 15 folders and begin looking for that file, your head hurts.