View Full Version : Price of Adderall Xr in the UK

12-23-11, 04:50 PM
Hi all,
Does anyone here know what is the price of Adderall Xr in the UK (per pill). And also does anyone know if there are some pharmacies that actually have it in stock? And if not, i.e. if they have to order it, how long will it take them? I heard that they will have to fax my prescription to BRpharma right and they deliver next day. Am i right? or BRpharma doesnt even exist anymore?

The reason i am asking is; i am not from the UK but after developing tolerance to Concerta and after unsucessfully trying all the other meds available where i live my psychiatrist and i have decided to give Adderall Xr a go. So i contacted a UK psychiatrist, explained the situation and will come up to UK first week of January. Naturally i will only stay for a couple of days, and i would really really hate if when i go to the pharmacy theyll tell me "ok we have ordered it, it will be here in a week".


12-23-11, 08:42 PM
Adderall isn't sold in the UK.