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12-24-11, 06:10 PM
I'm aware this is the adult forum, but I thought the adults would have more insight on ADHD its self so I decided to post it here .

I'm 14 and I think I might have ADHD. Actually, I've thought this for a while and even when my mom gets mad at me she'll say "Do you have a problem? Do you need to get checked out by somebody?" I'll list some of the reasons below why I think I might have ADHD

-I put off things to the last minute. I keep telling myself I have to do something, but I wait till the last minutes to actually complete it.

-I guess I have a sense of anxiety and hyperactiveness together. I find myself getting up and jumping around even though im a TEEN and it seems as only ADHD children find the need to do this

-Some people even call me "ditzy" because you can tell me to do something and I'll try my hardest to process it in my brain but if you don't explain it thoroughly I'll do it wrong likee ... such as if someone asked me to get something for them I'll get this huge anxiety and everything just goes through my brain at once ; I'm not sure how to explain it any better.

-I have a phone anxiety . I HATE BEING ON THE PHONE. My grandma even gets angry at me sometimes because she thinks that I'm just being awnry and have something better to do, but that's not true .

-I find my mind going blank at times , so I'll actually have to stop and thinking about what I was just proceeding to do.

-I notice the smallest things (I get told this alot); I don't see the big picture I see the minor details and I just focus on that

-As stated above, that also applies to conversation. My mom gets angry at me alot because I'll take excerpts of what she says and just reply or react to that and she'll say "DID YOU EVEN HEAR EVERYTHING I SAID?"

Sooo , what are some opinions ? :confused:

12-24-11, 06:48 PM
"Do you have a problem?" "Do you need to get checked out?" Try your hardest to ignore the raunchy attitude you mom has and calmly tell her that yes, you think you might have a problem. Let her know that you need, not want, that you need an evaluation. Also let her know that you need her help and support.

It's sad but sometimes the kids have to be the mature one in a parent child relationship. It can still work though.

Good luck. :)