View Full Version : Recommended doctors in san jose for inattentive ADD?

12-27-11, 11:49 PM
I had recently went to a psychiatrist. He is an absolute ******* who thinks I have bipolar disorder and clearly threw inattentive ADD out of the case. He did not make me feel comfortable, he says I dont have ADHD because I am not hyper. He prescribed me some anti-depressants (seroquel XR) which made me feel even more sluggish. Does anyone know a good psychiatrist who truly understands ADD and is willing to answer me questions without being arrogant about it. If so please send me a message or post here


12-28-11, 12:02 AM
I know of a good psychiatrist (at least, I like him) but from what I understand, he is very ... stingy (?) with diagnosing anyone with ADHD. If you'd like to give him a shot anyway, I can message you his name.

12-28-11, 01:18 AM
Hello Kevind

Allow me to provide some opposing ideas here.

First of all, self-dianosis is dangerous. We are not trained professionals.

Second, I looked into your earlier post. Allow me to. I noticed several things that I want to share with you.

You shared that you turned hyperactive type when you were in high school. You became energetic and talkative. That tells me something. The onset of Combined or Hyperactive-type of ADHD in DSM-IV has to be under 7 year old, in proposed version DSM-V has to be under 12 year old. High school is over those limits.

Also, there is no such a thing as hyperactive kind of ADD-inattentive type. ADD-I people are shy, quiet, not energetic.But you shared that you were energetic and talkative indicating that you are likely not ADD-I type.

Finally, bipolar disorder has symptoms such as reduced attentional and executive capabilities and impaired memory as well. You can find them on wikipedia.

Medical training is a very lengthy and difficult process. But it gives those specialists the ability to see the whole picture. They deserve to be respected. There are experienced doctors as well. So if you decide to switch a doctor, try not to self diagnose and tell them "what you diagnose yourself." Try to introduce yourself and your experience like your early post.

Some advice. Best luck! :)

12-28-11, 01:42 AM
Yeah I self diagnosed, this is why I am in search for a good psychiatrist. I did not think it was a big deal until I noticed that I kept on running into continuous mental walls my entire life. It would be greatly appreciated if I can find a understanding psychiatrist.


12-28-11, 01:44 AM
I appreciate your post ataibei. You are very right for respecting the psychiatrist and it is very childish of myself to be angry at the psychiatrist. He kept on cutting me off and not letting me finish my sentences half way through and did his diagnosis on what he taught instead of listening to me speak.


12-28-11, 01:45 AM
Yeah known_guy if possible it would be greatly appreciated. I will keep on searching until I find the best opinion.