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12-30-11, 06:23 AM
In 2008 I was diagnosed with bipolar II and then proceeded to go through the entire catalogue of bp drugs. After reading about a family member that has ADHD it struck me how many symtoms (if not more than bp) I have. I would like ask if anyone could advise me as to what they think. I went to my gp today as I'm interstate and he couldn't do much about my drugs not working and said all I could do was to take some valium to calm my anger/irritability and rage down until I can get home and see a psych. Which won't be until Feb 2012. It seems like a lifetime.

Symptoms I have/have had:
Lack of concentration
Zoning out (staring, not hearing anything)
no self confidence/I feel like I've failed at everything
get distracted easily
hard time listening
find simple things hard and ask repeatedly what it is I'm suppose to do
cannot hold down a job (had 15+ in 10 years)
make errors @ work due to not listening/going over what I've done
Become absorbed in tv/book/whatever, that I cannot hear or see anything else around me
procrastinate (especially with housework.. Partner constantly on my back!)
anger, rage, irritable (having issues with this now)
lack of 'caring' (what ppl think, if I hurt their feelings, what they have to say etc)
no brain - mouth filter
hyper sensitive- upset very easily
no motivation
stop listening to people midway through conversations, interrupt them and can be generally rude. This seems to be getting worse
get bored so easily
want some excitement in life, not sure what?
impulsive (spending $, going places etc)
racing thoughts
crammed thoughts - like there are too many
mood swings (daily, hourly)
can be defensive when ppl criticise
easily stressed
strong urge to runaway when things are too stressful, have done previously (5 times this year).
'chaos' picture in my mind with loud noise
figity; eg- feet constantly moving even when sitting or in bed
can't sleep - too much to think about, mind overload, brain won't shut up
just don't care about things/loved ones issues
miss words or double them up (both writing and speaking)
forgetting easy words (fork, shoe etc) and having to describe what I'm trying to say
overwhelming guilt, fear - even though I'd done nothing wrong
obsessive behaviour - touch wood, chips & sauce, exercise book (tearing out pages), colouring books had to be perfect, shaving legs before wearing shorts etc
numbers & words mixed around
can't remember doing things I know I've done (ie written posts on forum and have no recollection of writing the content; conversations or plans with people are an absolute mystery to me; when driving, I will have forgotten the actual drive.. is like I'm on auto-pilot) - extremely upsetting
excessive guilt
distracted thoughts (ie partner asked me how I handled Xmas night at his parents, it reminded me I ate quiche which I never do and said "oh I ate quiche!", he said again but how did I feel/handle it. I was still thinking about the food I ate then I said "egg is kind of meaty to me now, like a meat substitute". Partner: Yes but for the third time, how did you go being at my families tonight!!)
escaping from cots, beds, pram, straps and hiding in shops sometime watching as mum looked for me
self doubt
left school midway through year 10
"krystle could do anything she put her mind to if she only applied herself" every report card
have and had fads/obsessions as a child
cancels plans at last second

Thank you for taking the time to read, any and all responses appreciated.

12-30-11, 07:09 AM
You could have both maybe?

12-30-11, 09:11 AM
I think you need to see a psych.

12-30-11, 09:57 AM
Definitely see a specialist (someone knowledgeable about ADHD in adults) and describe the entire situation to them as you described it here.

It's hard even for the experts to differentiate between BP, ADHD, and ADHD with comorbid BP, let alone people on these forums.

12-30-11, 10:05 AM
There are for sure a lot of ADHD symptoms in there, but also a lot of symptoms that dont seem to stem from ADHD. As someone already said, you may have both. Mention it to your psych, you might benefit from ADHD medication, perhaps in tandem with some other medication.

01-04-12, 10:36 AM
Thank you for your replies.
I suppose I wanted some input from others who know what it's like, my brother has ADHD but I can't really speak to him about it.
I have a psych appointment on Feb 1st, it just seems so long away. I'm having such difficulties as my meds are not working, and I seem to have gone through all of the bp/AD medication that exists. Nothing is working. I went to a GP last week who advised until I could get in to see my psych and back to my home state, to take valium as needed to calm down. I was a mess that day especially. The valium is helping somewhat, making me more relaxed and not so angry.
Anyway, thanks again for the replies, hope everyone enjoyed their new years :)