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12-30-11, 10:49 AM
I was diagnosed with add in March of 2010. I have been on Strattera since then.
At first we (my doctor and I) started with a low dose and over a peroid of about 6 weeks we worked up to 60mg. It was working well. Then about 6 weeks ago I noticed the return of some symptoms. Those that had gone away since I started taking Strattera. I spoke with my doctor and he wants me to start seeing a psychologist.
I am really unsure and kinda scared. I don't know why but I am. What should I excpect? Maybe I am over thinking it. In my mind they are going to talk to me for about 10mins and think I am some kind of nut job. That scares me. I also wonder about how honest should I be. To tell someone my inner feelings, thoughts.! It's like, they are my nightmares and if I share them they become lees mine and I somehow am a differnt person. I am somehow less. I just dont know.
Any help would be great. Have you felt this way? Am I nuts? Life story. Thank you.

12-30-11, 12:35 PM
I think that a lot of people feel anxious about seeing a psychologist or any kind of psychotherapist at first.

Just wondering, what exactly are your symptoms that concern you?

Are you hearing voices? Do you have trouble telling the difference between reality and things that are happening in your head? Are you afraid of hurting people, yourself or others?

Because those are the kinds of things that psychologists find "concerning".

That said, even if you do have those kinds of symptoms, it's kind of the psychologist's job to help you with them, and not to judge you as "crazy".

As for how honest you should be, that is up to you. I always find the the more honest I am with a psychologist, the better help I get. It's like lying to your doctor: how can they help you if you don't really tell them what's wrong?

Of course, sharing your inner thoughts with a stranger can be really hard, but part of the deal with having a psych is that you establish a relationship of trust. If you tell them from the start that you don't feel comfortable talking about X right now, they should respect that, especially for the first few meeting.

You should feel like your psych is open to listening to you when you say that you don't feel good about something.

It takes time to establish trust. That's part of the process.