View Full Version : Family files lawsuit over boy's (11) suicide linked to antidepressants

10-08-04, 07:25 AM
This article truly hit home with my husband and I. As many of you know our son Dakota (11) went thru a horrible bout of depression last year due to family trouble's, bullying at school, pressue from advanced classes and everyday life pre-teens face. We were told by doctors psychiotrists, teachers and our pastor that it was just a little boy stricking out for attention when he doesn't get his way.

Well, we almost lost our son. We listened to people we thought knew best but in truth we are the only one's who truly knew our son and should have been more dilligent in getting him the aid that he needed to deal with these issue's before it became too late.

Pre-teen suicide numbers climb higher and higher every year and is often something we speak of in hush tones. It has to be something we stop being ashamed of and something we need to start educating ourselves about or we are going to continue to lose valued members of our communities.

When dealing with children's suicide threats I feel it best to alway's take it seriously. What I should have done as a parent was pose a question to the professionals we took our son to. How do we know the difference between threats and a cry for help? :( (