View Full Version : Looking for good child psychiatrist in the Acton MA area for ADD / ADHD

10-09-04, 07:28 PM
Anyoine have any suggestions. thanks

10-09-04, 07:39 PM
Are you only looking for somebody to prescribe medication or are you looking for a child to get an intial evaluation?

10-09-04, 09:21 PM
Acton where ?????????

Acton Ontario, Canada ????????

Opps I see this is a Massachusetts ( forum

Sorry I can't delete this post

10-10-04, 07:24 AM
My son has already been evaluated but we want to change drs. and yes basically just to prescrive medicine. His pediatrician does feel comfortable doing that since he isn't skilled in that particular field. (prescribing that kind of medicine).

10-10-04, 07:40 AM
There's always the Hallowell Center in Sudbury MA. As far as I know they don't accept Health Insurance though. Did you ask the Peditrician to reccomend anybody in the area?

10-10-04, 01:47 PM
The ones the pediatrician recommend are far away and we are trying not to have my son miss too many days. Also Sudbury is far away (thanks anyway) and can't afford a place w/o insurance. I may try Nashua NH if it is covered by insurance. thanks

10-10-04, 01:57 PM
What towns are you willing to travel to?

10-10-04, 05:51 PM
Hi somewhere around Groton, MA, Fitchburg MA, Nashua NH. Those are the big towns near me. thanks