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09-25-04, 10:24 PM
bless you friend.
somewhere between conception
& capitulation
a soul is met who has the power
to bring harmoney out of chaos
sense out of lunacy
once we'd been incapable
of taking refuge in anothers heart
nor comfort in nourishing the spirit.
knowing only the sordid & self-destructive.
anti-social derlict, a
drunk who wont face, an
addict who cant face, a
prisioner who believes himself
until another heart reached out
loving us until we were loving in return.
not without its own sweet pain but
better still than the pain of being
i'd pray for you if i could
if i knew how &
when i learn i believe i'll say god,
bless you friend.

10-09-04, 10:58 PM
when its time you will
trim this hair wash
this body shave
this face-please
dont look

i couldent stand it as i
once possessed this
shell & it became
my friend-please
dont look

when the things i couldent
live without became the
things that entrapped
dont look

at me as you trim this hair
wash this body
shave this face and
scatter the ashes
when its done
forget it and-please
dont look

10-30-04, 06:56 PM
there were plenty of other nites
-like this one
so still & damp
& cold

i guess this citys known for its chill
-like this one
suffocating & poisoning
& solitare

there had always been a degree of isolation
-like this one
separate & lonely
& grieving

the disease wracked you as it does me
-like this one
gangrenous & necrose

bit by bit
emotions like cancer/sprout
& lopped off
whithering dying drop erecting walls
around our hearts
to protect us from the hurts
the shaky morning guilts bring

there will be plenty of these other nites also
where hope can glow a dim spark
warm in the cold cold dark
-just like this one

01-19-05, 11:12 AM
my friend
it has been some months
i thought youd be
big as a house

words fail
this great sadness
i cant begin to describe
tho well i know it

because its you
your pain is mine
i would gladly take
for myself

my friend
your son plays with mine
playing in our dreams
perhaps we shall join them

01-19-05, 11:16 AM
i want an orgy with you
one that would be so easy
you would read my eyes
i would read your touch
no words would need be spoke
i want an orgy with you
one that would be so kind
one loving embrace
as the years pass
and our lives intertwine
i want an orgy with you
one that would be a delight
thru the garden of years
as the moment draws near
and we cross the bridge
far from sight

01-19-05, 11:21 AM
love songs lie
forevers just a dream
sweet fancy words
to make a heart all aglow
words like my only one and only
dearheart soulmate
i treasure the ground you walk on
you must be an angel
flown down from heaven
god made you for me
since youve gone the
nights are so lonely
life isnt worth living
without you
but none of thats important now
because love songs lie
and i havent the heart for it anymore

02-07-05, 04:31 PM
one pair of shoes
under the chair
the pictures are
down from the wall
i cant touch the things
that you touched
the room is suddenly
too small

in the silence
i hear yr laughter
in the echos
i hear yr screams
in the coolness i feel
the warmth that you were
in the darkness i see
yr dreams

in the end all thats left
is yr smile
the memory of it
sweet & dear
& gratitude for
the friendship that was
& the caring
without guilt nor fear

03-14-05, 12:27 AM
the old neighborhod's
turned a corner again
with colors & customs
new languages spoke
laughter & song alive
where every alley holds surprises
& every street a dream
treasure found in every eye
hope in every heart.

this old neighborhood's
turned a corner again.

03-21-05, 05:13 PM
i heard you grew tired of that shell you are in
i heard that you fooled yourself

what sirens song came to your ear
were those the voices that helped?

you could've been held-tied to the mast
could've listened from far & away

'stead you wished to keep that oar in your hand
steering into that songstresses fray

did it happen for fun did it happen in love?
what hell did you find yourself in?

all of my heros have gone away
and now my friend you too begin

are you finding yourself safe from your demons
the monsters that stalk in your dreams?

'stead of facing down the dragons you have
you plan & hope for great relief

wish i could say i was sorry for you
i've cried so i can't cry again

for these many years i've planned as you did
tho many a time could not begin

you've taken the hell you've kept to yourself
tghose demons that danced 'round your head

you've given that anguish you've wallowed in so
here i discover it all 'neath my bed

i drank from that cup this bitter brew
that we pass on and keep for ourselves

and desolate times fill our desolate minds
as we wait for the angels bells.