View Full Version : doing spelling words before knowing the alphabet

01-10-12, 04:23 AM
My DD is in K, we know she has some form of LD on top of her ADHD. She is not retaining information and is learning at a very slow pace. She has been in school a year and a half and just now able to say the alphabet.

01-10-12, 04:26 AM
She only knows a handful by sight and can not do letter sounds. She came home with spelling words tonight! How is she supposed to learn to spell without knowing sounds and letter recognition? Please help me understand wheer the school is coming from.

01-10-12, 04:40 AM
the school has to stick to the syllabus given to them... they cant hold back the coursework because one learner is falling behind. Have you discussed these issues with anyone in the school who can assist her, extra lessons might be very useful...

01-10-12, 03:47 PM
Oh yes I have talked until I am blue in the face. They want to wait until she see's the nuro dr. before doing the IEP. They are already doing stage 3 interventions. I just worry moving her foward will hender what she is learning now.

01-10-12, 03:52 PM
Just curious, when is your daughters birthday?

My kid#2 did kindergarten two times because she was so far behind. One extra year was all she needed, but she was one of the youngest in her grade.

01-10-12, 03:57 PM
I'm not sure LDs are easily diagnosed until a later age anyway, like around 8-ish. There has to be a foundation of knowledge before a child's pace of progression can be analyzed.

01-11-12, 12:06 AM
She will be six at the end of this month. You know it just dawned on me if after we go to the nuro dr., if it is a sensory probelm or somthing like that then it isnt a ld is it?

01-13-12, 02:49 AM
Try speaking with the teacher about giving an alternative assignment, even making them up yourself. For example, perhaps you could sign a paper each homework assignment saying you dedicated 20 minutes to letter sounds instead.
One thing that helped my daughter with that was a leapfrog video on letters and sounds.
I remember having a similar situation when my daughter was asked to do full pages of division for homework when she had not yet memorized her multiplication facts. I asked the teacher if I could instead practice her multiplication and she said yes.

01-16-12, 12:02 PM
I will ask but they are only going to give her 3 words out of 6. We are still working on letter sounds as well as her 3 words.