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01-10-12, 10:26 PM
Yesterday my doctor (GP, not Psych) prescribed me 15mg generic Adderall XR. I was glad she started me off on a low dose and that it came in generic (poor college student). My problem is that I don't get enough hours out of it. The last two days I've gotten about 7 hours- so I have to chose between taking it for class or for homework. It is interim so my load is lighter, and I think I could get through the next couple weeks, but I don't know about the first week of the semester where I would have to get by like this. I can tell when I'm crashing and I get cranky and weird. I also have nausea in the afternoons which is more of an inconvenience than anything.

My next appointment is February 6th. What do I do- what exactly would you do in this situation?

When I go in for my next appointment do I ask for an IR "bump" for when the XR wears off, or do I ask to switch brands? She gave me the option between Concerta, Vyvanse, Strattera (non-stim), and the Adderall. I don't know which of those would be a next best option for me if I were to switch.

There's also the issue of cost- the generic was $30 and that's a 'one' drug with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The non-generics are tier 2 = more expensive. My mom helps me cover the cost, but I have enough setiernse not to make her help me pay $170 for meds. Do any of these have good programs that would help me cover some of the cost? I've never had to deal this extensively with my insurance company and pharmacies.

Maybe this is just my body adjusting and it will get better and I'm judging too soon. I'm probably just being paranoid, but the grades I get over the next few months (including this one) are really important for scholarships and research I'd like to apply for this summer.

Any feedback appreciated, but please keep in mind I'm kind of new to all of this!

01-10-12, 10:48 PM
Adderall XR, for most people, only lasts a maximum of 7-8 hours. I get about 6-6.5. I told my pdoc it just wasn't lasting long enough. She prescribed be an IR booster. Works great. Last time I was in, I mentioned that several days a week, I was actually having to take the XR earlier in the morning and that was causing me to take my IR earlier too. We discussed switching to another XR in the afternoon, rather than the IR. However, I like the flexibility that IR gives me.

For a while, I was taking my XR later in the morning on the days that I knew I would need coverage in the evening. That helped, but I had to remind myself to take it, since I wasn't taking it at my normal time.

Just be upfront and tell your doc it's not lasting the entire day. Ask if there is anything that you can do.

Unfortunately, XR and IR no longer have patient assistance programs that help with the cost of the medication. Walgreens and a few other pharmacies have a discount prescription card that you can get. Those are supposed to reduce the cost of the medication for those without insurance. It might even help if you DO have insurance. Worth checking in to.

IR is generally cheaper than XR. With the current shortage, IR isn't as cheap as it was before the shortage. Price could go back down once more of the drug is released into the market.

01-10-12, 11:03 PM
Scratch the cost part. We apparently have amazing prescription coverage and I just got cost estimates for a few different meds- I could have gotten a 90-day supply of name brand Adderall at $28/month delivered to my door- cheaper than the Walmart generic. The generic comes out to about $8.33 a month at a 90 day supply. WTF. I guess the only catch is if it's possible to even GET a 90 day supply. 40mg Vyvanse is $15 a month even. Cheaper than birth control.

I plan on printing out the different estimates to see what she thinks for my next visit. At the very least I'd have to get a Walmart Rx for the first couple months to see if I even like it before ordering 90 of them.

01-15-12, 03:24 PM
I agree with everything BR549 said. That's great advice.

You do have amazing prescription drug coverage. That's fantastic.

I know that Adderall XR is a lot easier to find than Adderall IR because most people can't afford the medications so the pharmacies told me they have it in stock because of this reason.

Before worrying about finding a 90 day supply (that's a whole new ballpark!) just work on finding what works for you. Then you can worry about finding a 90 say supply :)

Good luck!