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01-11-12, 04:52 AM
So recently I made an appointment with a psychiatrist to have an evaluation. My parents and I have thought it would be best. I am older (18+) and so I am a little scared about going because I feel like he/she will think I am just there for an easy way out, or for the drugs. This isn't something that has just started happening. I have had these problems my entire life. Looking at the list of symptoms, my parents and I have gone through and literally I have every single one. Except the fidgeting/hyperness. But anyways the main reason I'm posting is because I have no idea what to expect. Like I'm going to this psychiatrist because I think I have ADD but do I tell her that? I mean self diagnosis is never good. The reason why I chose to go now rather then later is now it is starting to seriously effect my life. I feel like I am tweaking for no reason but I am so worried that she will just write me off instantly. :(

01-11-12, 01:54 PM
Part of the appointment is figuring out what's wrong, and that's going to involve you answering some specific questions, not just telling the doctor what's bothering you, so don't worry. If it looks like you're having specific issues, you might be asked to answer a multiple choice test or two.

Your relationship with a psychiatrist is long-term, and your evaluation and treatment may well change over time, so don't worry about getting everything covered completely in the first visit.

01-11-12, 03:39 PM
What i said to mine was: "My therapist thinks i might have ADD, after reading about it, and doing some reasearch, i definately see a strong basis for his belief."

It other words, just tell her that the symptoms you've been experiencing for virtually all of your life, are similar, if not SPOT on to what you know of the symptoms of ADD.

There is a 70 question test floating around online that is ether modeled after, or is taken from Dr. Amen's ADD assesment test. (if you don't know who Dr. Amen is, just google him!)

I have taken this test 4 times.... (every time i start to feel like i don't have add and it's just a cop out, and it DOES happen, you will most likely reach a point or pointS in you treatment that you think the same thing) Anyway, the first time I took it, I also had my husband and my mother take it FOR me, answering the questions in regards to me. Well, I failed/passed with flying colors, not only was i ADD, but I answered 62 of the 74(i think) questions with an answer of 3 or higher. Dr. Amen's/the tests threshold is 20 or more questions at a 3 or higher, you are considered to have a strong tendancy toward ADD. So i tripled the threshold! And so did my husbands, and my mothers answers.

I have since taken that "test" 3 other times each time, TRYING to pass it, to have it come back with the fact that i DON"T have ADD< and even when i felt like i LIED through the whole test, i still came out raging ADD!

The point to that long drawn out story is it seems to be a good self assesment tool, to give you a little more "confidence" when you go to see your doctor for the first time. My doctor took that evaluation from me, asked me a few more questions and accepted that test and her evaluation as an official diagnosis.

I don't know WHY i don't have it booked marked yet.... actually i do, when i go to JUST book mark it, i'm compelled to take it one more time, and start and finish it without giving a second thought to bookmarking it. THAT should be a good indicator that I do infact have ADD.

Just Google: Comprehensive ADD evaluation or some such, i believe the website its on is or something! (That is, if your interested in taking it)

Hope this helped!

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According to that link I scored 47 things above 3 which means I have a strong tendency towards ADD. Does make me feel better haha