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01-12-12, 07:57 AM
but I have a writing "problem" I need help with....

Starting from the beginning, Essay and Research is my personal "Scott Farkus." It's whipped my *** a few times, but by god, I'm determined to whip it's this time.

****problem: I can't figure out where to start this essay.

Here's the assignment....

The Assignment

For your first essay, you will research and write about the community in which you currently live. By community, I mean the area of where you currently live. There are two aspects that your essay should focus on:

The history of the community and the social issues/problems that the community has faced in the past and/or currently faces (family values issues, gender relations, racial relations, economic decline, changing demographics, etc.)
What you learned about yourself and your place within the community through your research

In order to focus on these two aspects of this essay, you will need to locate sources of information that discuss your community from historical and cultural perspectives. If your particular community has its own newspaper, that newspaper would be a very good place to start your research. Both the Metropolitan Library and the Historical Society have back issues of many area newspapers that may prove useful in your search for information. If your community has its own web page, that might provide you with valuable information, too. Ultimately, you will need to find at least two secondary sources (and no more than three) that discuss your community in some way. Of those sources, one must be a personal interview with someone else who knows something about the history and/or the social aspect of the community (see pages 203-13 in The Blair Handbook for information concerning field research). Think of your research as a means to discover something that you did not know about your community and how that discovery may impact your relationship with your community.

Because you are writing an essay that will in part discuss what you learn about yourself as a result of your research, it may help to think of this essay as a personal narrative essay supported by some information from secondary sources. Essentially, this is personal narrative essay in which you strive to understand your place within your community by researching its evolution. For example, letís say that you currently live in German Village. As its name suggests, German Village received its name because of the German immigrants who settled in that particular area . Today, German Village has strong ties to the gay community. Rather than expressing your opinions for or against homosexuality in this essay, you will explain how you identify yourself within your community. If someone asks where you live, do you reply that you reside in German Village or Columbus?

Here are some additional questions that you may want to ask yourself before you write your essay:

What did you know about your community before your research?
What assumptions did you make about your community before your research?
Do you consider yourself an integral part of the community or an outsider?
What facts did you learn about your community in the course of your research?
Did your perspective of your community change or remain the same after your research?

Info about where I live:

I live in a township of 1700 people, all lots are a minimum of 3 acres (zoning), so we really don't get in each other's hair much. No social issues.

I've lived here 6 years, but work, full time 50 miles away.

We have no newspaper. The sheriff only comes out here once a week.

I have no idea where to start b/c I'm writing about a sparsely populated area that I'm a taxpayer in, and nothing more!

On a side note, we do have an 8 mile long prehistoric flint quarry about 3 miles away..... about 15 miles away there's some prehistoric mounds that are some sort of astronomical observatory.

Somebody please help me!

***note: I've already bought myself some time by submitting a rough draft with much of this stuff already "strung" together. When I say strung, I mean it was on the same page.