View Full Version : A You Tube Video About a Non-Verbal Autistic Girl Finding Her Voice.....

01-15-12, 06:47 PM
"Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence" - very inspiring and informative

(does not contain any info about adhd)

01-15-12, 09:24 PM
What a wonderful story. Thanks for posting it.

01-15-12, 10:04 PM
"Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence" - very inspiring and informative

OMG. That is an incredible story!

01-16-12, 06:28 PM
It's a great story but it's no surprise that her intelligence has always been there. I was actually surprised that I wasn't surprised by her answers to her behaviour. I may be classified as high functioning but I still go through the same. I've felt trapped like she felt trapped.

01-17-12, 02:27 AM
You know, fractured, I have been trying to figure out what it was that I couldn't find words for when I watched this and you just gave it life. Thanks! :)

Many people, regardless of a diagnosis, expressive ability, and/or functioning level are all trapped by something, to some degree, that prevents them from effectively communicating with others.

01-18-12, 05:43 AM
When I was 5 through to the age of 14 I had severe social anxiety (selective mutism) and couldn't talk at all to certain people in certain places. When I did talk I barely said anything to my family. I probably recovered completely around age 23 after a bout of severe social anxiety much like the usual kind. Even now I can go back into that state. The hard part was I never knew it was anxiety. I was scared of people but it wasn't the usual not knowing what to say, thinking people are judging you. I just couldn't speak. The worse thing was having people say things for you and make assumptions about you. Now I'm an argumentative little thing, especially on medication.

But I still have autism and it's mainly a communication disorder. One, having a conversation is difficult enough but then expressing personal feelings just makes things harder. Many times I've sat with a group of people not knowing what to say. That's why I prefer to think of myself as an alien because the communication issues coupled with all the so-called weird behaviour just makes me very different and a target for ridicule, even though I care little for people who would do that to me.

Although, even when I was double her age I couldn't write like that. I always felt my lack of speech held back my learning and experiences. Then again, I'm only as smart as I am because I made sure I was.