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01-17-12, 10:24 PM
The general know-how is that meditation is an alternative to medication. While medication has limited the mind's ability to think and make one less active, meditation allows one to concentrate and focus. I've also discovered that music greatly complements one's ability to meditate. It has this soothing effect on one's mental being.

Starting out as a kid who had ADHD was tough, even more when you are unaware of it. But when I began listening to music I felt something stir inside me. It opened up a whole new world where I could retreat to whenever I felt down, stressed out, or insecure.

To this day I continue to search and discover songs that echo the voices of my heart. Here are a few...

Note: A lot of these songs are very eclectic and some you'll never hear in a lifetime.

Cirque du Soleil: Shadowplay, Love Dance
Cusco:Oracle of Delphi
Enya: May It Be, Book of Days
Epic Score: This is our land
Origa(my favorite vocalist who has this soothing goddess-like voice): From the Town of Lyre, Go Away, First Snow, Aurora, Mizu no madoromi, Hana'no chiru toki, Anata ga iru kara, Roshia no Mori, Ame, Polyushko pole, Wasure na kusa, Tooi hi, Shining Future.
Ryan Farish: Full Sail
Thomas Bergersen: Remember Me, Promise, Gift of Life
Yoko Kanno: Walk by myself

So what kind of relaxing music do you listen to? ......

01-18-12, 12:10 PM
Boards of Canada, Ulrich Schnauss, Tycho, Explosions in the sky.

Mostly just this one though - over and over

And mostly just the title track.

'd be happy to discard the rest of my collection for just this:

The title kinda' leads us into the idea that the track'll lead us elsewhere, into a very specific (the dissociative meditative) experiential space.

Hours pass by when walking or cycling in an instant, with this track set on 'endless repeat'.

05-26-12, 05:45 AM
hmm, I don't think listening to music while meditating is a good idea. It can serve as a distraction. Sure it's soothing, but for me anyway, the point of meditating is to be completely 'with' yourself, just feeling what you are feeling, whether they're good or bad emotions (anxiety, anger, depression, but also boredom), and experiencing them fully, not trying to get away from them, just accepting them. When you can do that, you make peace with those emotions, as it were, and they don't have such a strong hold over you anymore.

When you're listening to music, you're just providing yourself with more emotional stimuli, ie distractions. Sure it can be relaxing, but it's because you've temporarily forgotten about yourself, gotten away from yourself, rather than becoming more aware. It's not very different from addiction to be honest.

I have heard that buddhist monks sometimes beat two sticks against each other, or a bell or something, and they use the sound as something to focus their awareness on during meditation. So sound can be a helpful tool during meditation. But if you're like me, and since you're on this forum I'm guessing you are, you get very uncomfortable when all emotional stimulation falls away, and all that's left is emptiness, no distraction, just you.

cheesy example, think of Luke Skywalker walking into that place on Dagobah to face his deepest fears, and he meets himself. Another example: fight club. Tyler Durden pours the chemical stuff over edward norton's hand, and forces him to stay with the pain. not trying to get away from it, but simply accepting it and making peace with it.

If you meditate in this way, you're on the path to emotional maturity. It isn't just relaxing, to the contrary, it can be pretty brutal sometimes, but in the long term, you're making actual progress.

07-18-12, 09:24 AM
It is best to meditate in silence.

But sometimes the distractions of noise from outside can be too much especially for beginners. Music can help. :)

I mostly sit in silence.

But occasionally listen to stuff like this.