View Full Version : Parnate and ADD

01-20-12, 08:53 AM

So the 20mg of Lexapro I'm on for depression and anxiety is making my ADD 1000x worse. I've tried adding stimulants, but they just cause too much anxiety. I also thought about further increasing the Lexapro, but it's screwing up my circadian rhythm for some unknown reason and my psychiatrist has suggested I withdraw off it.

He wants to try Parnate since I had a good AD response to Nardil a little while back (which I discontinued due to insomnia).

I know Parnate probably won't *treat* ADD, but I was under the impression it had some psychostimulant-like/catecholamine-releasing properties and was wondering if anyone has found that it has less of a negative impact on reading comprehension etc. than other ADs?

My anticipated dose is 60mg; my psychiatrist won't prescribe any higher.

La Sleepy
01-26-12, 12:15 AM
I'm on Nardil and a stimulant (and it's hell because it's a hige red flag to everyone, even though I've been on the combo since 1982.) So I still can't really be sure what Nardil actually does apart from the stimulant. But it seems to be very helpful together with the dexedrine that I take it with. I am, however, having trouble with insomnia on Nardil as well.

As for what dose, as many say around here, take the LOWEST effective dose and stick with it. I was on only 15 mg a day of Nardil for decades with dexedrine and it worked great. There's no reason for you to think you need a specific dose, or that high a dose. I would let the doctor try you on 15 mgs at first and go from there.

Besides, you have to work up from 15 mgs a day slowly. That's how it works. Good luck!