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01-23-12, 05:38 PM
Hi all i mnew here and just looking for some advice really, i have thought that my son who is nearly 12 has adhd and i have thought this since he was 3 ihave pushed and pushed for a nhs assesment for him for years but with him going to high school in a few months i felt i needed to know for sure so i got a priviat assesment done and my suspiscions were right and he does have adhd,my problem is the school dosent want to take it as serious the head told me today lots of kids in his class have different needs kind of playing it down as if it not a big deal, i was wondering if any of u would know if i need to stay going priviate if we decide to go down the medicaation route-not sure about anythin yet.or if we would be able to get seen on the nhs.

01-24-12, 10:34 AM
We have many posters here from the UK who should be able to offer you guidance...
Be patient! :)