View Full Version : Do you use To-Do Lists? Does it work for you?

01-27-12, 11:52 AM
I have just read an article in the Harvard Business Review Blog, called To-Do Lists Don't Work (

I have been struggling with To-Do lists for years and I thought that's because I have ADHD, but apparently this is not so.

How do you get organized?

Any suggestions, recommendations, alternative methods?

01-27-12, 12:11 PM
I use to-do lists as a reminder, not a schedule. Hah, if I even tried to use them as a schedule I'd probably defiantly do the opposite of everything on the list.

01-27-12, 12:50 PM
I do use lists, but if they work for me is yes/no/maybe? I usually don't remember to check the list if it's on my phone, which is the best place for me if I have a list since it's always on me. I always have a list but important things I will write on a separate post-it note or piece of paper and stick it right on my computer monitor or desk.

01-27-12, 12:53 PM
I'll write a list, place it somewhere and either forget where I placed it, or forget about the existance of the list altogether until I come across it by accident.

It's the reason I don't bother with calenders either. I'd probably never use a calender if I had it on my wall, because I would simply forget that it was even there.

01-27-12, 02:58 PM
I've tried everything, written notes, physical calendar, desktop calendars and tasks, online calendar and task management and nothing seems to work. I would make a list and then forget all about it.

When using desktop or online tools, I would set up reminders and then just turned them off when they appear.

Now my solution is as follow. Not perfect but the best I have been able to establish:

I have two online tools I am using:
Google Calendar
Asana ( (Task management and collaboration tool)

Google calendar is for meetings and important reminder (I use the email reminders and SMS remiders)
Asana is a free tool I discover lately, which allows to create task lists and collaborate with others. This is the best task management tool I have found so far (and I have tried half a dozen already).

The most important point is not the tools, however, but the habit that needs to be created. Because, when you insist and persist in going back to the task lists and calendar, several times every day, you end up creating a habit. and Habit it the magic word in this case.

Peace and love to all.